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  1. Lol, it's worse then you think...
  2. Results? I watched the 250 main, how was the 450?
  3. That, and it's the equivalent of welding a steel bar across the from. Bars are designed to flex, adding that isn't allowing the bars to do what they are designed to do...
  4. You'll only drop about 7lbs off the bike... Still 20lbs to go!
  5. Home made corner tracks has always benefited me and everyone I've ridden with...
  6. Yes, well put. If you're asking for my advice, I make the mistake of assuming that your ready for it. Part of the frustration comes from the constant asking, the other comes from going to someone else afterwards which generally tends to be polar opposite advice. Kinda like me doing your top-end and then taking it to someone else confirming I did a good job? At some point you're just going to stop doing work... I do get a kick-out of watching some of them struggle when push comes to shove, but shit, if they struggle too much I'm the one having to push their crap home or help them through. I used to fix my wife's friends bikes so my wife could have a good ride with them because their bikes would always break down, eventually I had to stop as my wife's bike was being neglected...
  7. It's the 'constant' that's getting exhausting. More so that the riding season is just starting and the texts seems to be coming more and more. Funny, when I think about it this morning, it's been the guys I've rarely seen or talked to in the last 7 months. They must be rolling their bikes out and finding a big POS of rust, seized bearings, blown fork seals etc etc. I'm not complaining, more so trying the understand the logic of why these guys ask. Some have mentioned, they just want to hear you confirming their ideas, nothing more...
  8. Hairspray and wire, doubled looped, up to 5 individual ties of wire per grip...especially on my wifes grips!
  9. On the bottom-end, $40k a year, at peak probably well over $100k after a few good years employment. One of the problems facing career choices for people is they very rarely look at the bottom number, only the top. So when they come out of school and can't find a job for $100k right off the bat they are highly disappointed. My wife is a Geo-Technical Engineer and she sees 100s of resumes of junior engineers who apply looking for senior engineering wages. It just isn't realistic...
  10. I listen to a good show regarding the tech industry. The guy mentions how many billions of dollars were invested into the tech industry and when you look at what's come out thats been huge like Facebook, the ROI has been pennies in the dollar. Even something like Twitter can't make money and its ever so popular. His opinion was the tech industry is going to burst in the next 10yrs...
  11. Just gotta stick with it. Make the adjustments that feel better. Though riding in boots is annoying, riding with broken toes is worse...
  12. It's not the squids, it's the MF who keeps asking about how to make his bike start better, you recommend a few things and no shit, next weekend the same phaqing problems are there...
  13. Lol, my wife is and will always be my favorite riding partner, just slow enough that I can fool around but fast enough to keep up. At least I don't have to give her advice, I just change stuff at will and she couldn't be more the wiser. Overall, it's just getting exhausting. We had a really good 'one man shop' guy for a few years who did everything. Super good at what he does and still runs a suspension shop but closed down the motor/retail division. Once his motor/retail division shut down, a good portion of his clients starting phoning me for help, new top-ends, suspension services, mousse installs etc etc. The fuvking problem is they don't want to pay OR have little to no money to pay, so some kinda think that they $20-50, case a beer or good will is good enough. I own a landscaping outfit and my minimum charge is $65hr depending on the service. Why the hell would I work for $20 fixing their shit when my rusts in the corner? It's just getting frustrating...
  14. Maybe that's the key, just figure out who you're giving advice too... Like I mentioned, 2 of my buddies have no issue with what I say, they ask about a specific setup regarding their Yamaha or improving their braking point coming into a corner and they take it or take half of it...or none of it but at least they don't do the polar opposite... Also, most of these guys aren't really my friends more then my riding buddies. I don't associate with them outside of riding short of the occasional after ride beer.