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  1. Funny, I had one come loose but I caught it in time. I actually had the whole cap start threading out, noticed when I was doing a fork bleeding...
  2. I would take my forks to a reputable suspension shop (or send them to somewhere like RaceTech) and let them make the call regarding your fork tubes. Cheap fork seals leaking is nothing new. The dirt you ride in can make sure a huge difference on fork seal life also. Or the shop could be trying to cover up poor quality work on their side. As for good seals, SKF is worth the money.
  3. I'll reach out to BB and see what's happening... The supplied link takes me to where I want to go but I also don't use the app.
  4. I haven't found a reason to think my 350 is any less reliable than anything else I've owned... I don't really understand what 'hard hours' means though? Floating valves, not changing the oil or cleaning the air filter, is that hard hours? We beat our bikes pretty good but take care good care of them...
  5. I just head out...
  6. Limenine in Kelowna BC, pricey but worth every penny!
  7. Why? There is better first hand advice here than anything DBC has ever produced...
  8. Yesterday I took a trip to my buddies EX course and hammered out some laps. Obviously being his course he's got it pretty dialed. Through the obstacles he's quite good, I will just try to encourage him to be a little more aggressive coming into corners as he just kinda idles into them. Someone like me would easily go to the inside, push him wide to take his line away while making a nice pass... In the bush if I see 3 decent longs, maybe 12-14ft apart, I have little issue jumping them. On the EX course I clam up like a little bitch! And I consider myself to be a really good log jumper too... I'm sure it will come together but it's just interesting to me... That all being said, I did stuff the front-end into a set of double-double logs and make a trip over the bars. I came away without a scratch, just little nervous about trying anything for the rest of the ride. A couple pictures of him...
  9. Been putting some miles in this week, but not on the bike... The old running shoes and weight vest! 20+lb vest makes you work that much harder!
  10. Maybe? The problem I see is the sugar that's used is refined. Too me, it's not a very diverse diet and long term I don't believe it's going to be sustainable for energy (at least not for me). The protein bars are just pure sugar and no better then a candy bar. I agree with your statement regarding red meat but I would add so much more such as avocado's and fruits. Oatmeal is great, just combine it with a fat to slow down burning through the carbs too quickly. I would also look to supplement with a good multivitamin such as what is offered by Nootrobox or Onnit (I use Onnit) and MCT oil. Again, I understand that every 'body' is different and has different nutritional needs. My opinion is based on what's been presented.
  11. Lol, it's just water weight... You should be looking to lose 2-3lbs a week. 15lbs is approx 6 weeks or more...
  12. Nothing paleo about it...
    With manufacturers going further to make their bikes lighter, the question of durability is being asked more and more. One area for saving weight can be found in the foot pegs. From shaving material, or using exotic metals, a pound + can easily be removed. But, at what cost? Durability? I've broken steel foot pegs on a later model KTM and even stock Ti Yamaha units. After 60+hrs of abuse and 4 races, here's what I learned about the new IMS Core Enduro Foot Pegs... PRODUCT OVERVIEW Made from cast 17-4 stainless steel, using a patented mud relief design, IMS put function & durability before weight savings. The IMS Core pegs come in a medium-to-sharper tooth design. Sharp enough to keep your feet planted but not enough to have you replacing boot soles on a regular basis. There is no fancy anodizing or removable teeth, just straight up foot peg! Best of all is the LIFETIME WARRANTY! Break these foot pegs and IMS will replace them, no questions asked. INSTALLATION Installation is simple, taking 10-15 minutes with basic hand tools. You'll reuse the OE foot peg pins, springs and cotter pins. PERFORMANCE Design-wise, the IMS Core Enduro Foot Pegs look nearly identical to stock '16+ KTM foot pegs, but better. Overall the footprint is slightly wider, but I would mostly attribute that to more material being used. Overall, I'd say that the IMS is nearly 3x thicker with a weight penalty of just under .5lbs for the pair. In terms of their finish, dare I say raw? No purdy anodized colors or over polishing, just little shine on the outside edge with the IMS logo and foot peg model tastefully etched in. The Core Enduro Foot Peg is all business! No welds or fasteners, just a simple & strong one-piece design. The standard teeth are sharp, but not razor sharp with an outer edge that is slightly higher for more support and grip. When it comes to riding, the IMS Core Enduro Foot Pegs are on point. Riding for fun, practice, or racing, knowing that these IMS foot pegs can take the abuse you'll dish out inspires confidence. If you have ever raced use foam mousse, the feeling is the same; abuse it and never think twice. In one of my races, I rode in some of the worst conditions possible; lots of mud, snow, roots, and rock faces. It was by far one of the most brutal races I've done in years. The footpegs held strong and offered excellent performance. In terms of overall grip, I didn't feel a noticeable improvement over the stock foot pegs. The stock pegs have been very good in this area. I did find on two occasions over the 40+hrs of testing that my foot hooked on the outer teeth when trying to get my foot off. Neither incident resulted in a crash, just something I noted. The foot pegs did not interfere with operation of the rear brake or shifter in any way and neither needed adjustment to play nice with the IMS foot pegs. MONK'S BOTTOM-LINE IMS Core Enduro Foot Pegs are a no frills, no gimmicks product built with performance and durability in mind and little more. Yes, you have the .5lb weight penalty but I chalk it up as a 1/2lb. of added durability. Toss in the lifetime, no questions asked warranty and you've got one of the best replacement foot pegs offered. I also found the IMS Core Enduro Foot Pegs to be favorably priced when looking at competitive offerings. I tip my hat to IMS for keeping these foot pegs simple, but better than stock. If you are someone who has a habit of riding tough terrain where a broken foot peg could send you back to the truck early, you really need to look at the IMS Enduro Core Foot Pegs.
  13. I've been a 4t guy for a very long time, with high recorded hours. I haven't had half the issues (or any issues really) that people make mention of. That all being said, I take the time to perform preventative maintenance, use quality products, etc etc... Looking back over the years, I've probably accumulated 2-2500+hrs over the last 8yrs... Some training, some racing, some riding... I can't recall a single major failure. I've drowned bikes, swamped them and raced from the dusty of the dusty to the muddiest of the muddy. Every single time my bikes have made it home. I really think the 250FX is a gold standard as it kinda does everything really well and offers a fairly cheap buy in vs a KTM. The big stator, 6spd, both e-start and kick, good power and suspension, etc etc make it a very capable yet over-looked bike. I've been a heavier guy at well over 200+lbs and now I sit under that mark, the 250FX never cried... I look at those earlier KTMs with the 4cs and just cringe. Maybe for the average guy its good enough (and the best you know is the best you ridden) but once you get moving your asking to get hurt or spend money...