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  1. Enormous weight savings is like taking a shit before a ride. Silly goodness but love it
  2. Well F Moto.. we will be at the Disney of world the last week of April/first week of May. I am renting jet skis the entire trip and shredding the Gulf of Mexico. Let me know if doable
  3. thanks amigo. I really hope you take a test ride on her and enjoy all the efforts. She is a hoot for sure! I really can't wait for us to meet face to face for a rip, bs about bikes and bs about AK. Clayton and his pops will join us as well.
  4. Installed on Moto120's bike from VitalMx. This guys bike is just silly tricked out!
  5. A little better explanation. I like to buy Moto parts.. I just do. This mod is probably far above my skill and hell probably won't even notice a difference but I don't mind taking that gamble. It's fun for me The CRF axle and the Yoshimura axle blocks shipped today so hopefully I can test next weekend and report back.
  6. This is the technical reason why for the CRF axel/block works so good on a KTM/Husky The stock KTM axle has the right-side chain adjuster block bonded to the axle. This design doesnโ€™t allow the axle to operate as an isolated unit. A heavy load on the stock axle block causes the suspension and swingram to stiffen under extreme conditions.
  7. I have been reading the CRF rear axel is a great up grade on the Husky/KTM's.. so gave it try tonight and bought a modified kit than most use. This is the kit 2 friends are using.... So I copied Moto120's version off VitalMx and made the custom version. I purchased a used '16 axel,nut and washer off a lower hour '16 CRF450f on eBay and found the cheapest Yoshimura works edition axel boxes I could find on the interweebs. I am into $80 bucks so we will see if it's worth a ๐Ÿ’ฉ,46/2017-Husqvarna-FC450,1309592?page=5#post_3409551
  8. My girl getting closer to a finished project... I am so so stoked
  9. If you make it to the western slope. Motovate Racing is great and very fair priced. You can also test on his property to see how like it. 9704562678
  10. Dude.. It's so addicting You install a couple TI bolts and then you look how awesome they are compared to your clapped out bolts.. Well F*** might as well buy some more to make it look more awesome Although they are really stupid to buy... The Titanium bolts I am buying are the most generic/commonly used bolts on KTM/Husky bikes so they will be removed and installed on the new bike I buy. Or the buyer will pay for them, I will not be giving them away to try and sell the bike by any means.
  11. It's so so so good.. after the small break in period she is making the bike very awesome. Plush AF but can handle the big hits with no issue. I am super lucky to be able to try lots of set ups via my suspension guy and this is the best for me. On the track the SSS conversion may be a little better but off the track the Sphere is simply awesome. I rode the AER airforks today... not for me Also got to ride the Valving Logic 4CS fix.. That's a great fix for the buck. Very close to the Ray kit IMO Well.... how happy are you with the Sphere?
  12. Had a ripping good day. No tps adjustment since I wanted to ride and not wrench. I cleaned her all up after the rides. Stoked on how she rides as good as she looks.. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป
  13. You still need a stock hanger? Hoping FMF gives me good news tomorrow and I can buy your exhaust
  14. Nailed it my man!!
  15. After yesterday's ride at the Motovate Racing ranch she needs the rear shock done.. IMO the forks are fine for the time being but it's like the rear shock is so stiff it actually pushes the front down? If that makes sense So my suspension guy is calling Bruce instead of me the rookie to get her rear shock figured out. We also left the bike so he can rejet, oil change and install the new tires. so I am begging.. what jets should we install? I know this has been beat to death but most people chatting about this are at sea level or a bit higher. We are at 8k ASL so there is not really any info besides what my local Honda dealership suggests which is so different than what you guys suggest. Help.. please โœŠ๐ŸปโœŠ๐ŸปโœŠ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป