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  1. They were stock OEM ones from the start and I replaced with what rocky mtn atv is using for OEM. The package actually said Husaberg. A much tighter fit to the rear side panel than the original OEM guard that was on the bike. like I said before it's the small things for me..
  2. Also it's the small things for me.. So I installed a new rear exhaust guard, yes a shiny new plastic, but it just fits so much better than the previous OEM one. Really happy for sure
  3. Heck F'ing yes!! Got the FMF full 4.1 installed and it sounds so god damn sweet! Kinda surprised it's a lot louder than the stock header and '13 FMF 4.1 slip on for a KTM 350 SXF that was on the bike. As for weight loss as it being the Titanium header is not very much compared to stock, Comparing them in my hands maybe a wee bit lighter. 💩 I was really hoping to buy the Husqvarna FMF stickers like I had installed on the previous exhaust but can't seem to find them again.
  4. Your flo motosports Titanium sprocket bolts coming loose? If not what did you use? Mine are only making 2 rides....
  5. Just a little FYI...... if you install those stupid fancy FLO motor sports Titanium sprocket bolts make sure to watch them.... mine have came loose after 2 rides multiple times. I am not sure you are supposed to red locktite sprocket bolts but I am.
  6. Sold! Thanks my man! I kinda figured that was the best bet..
  7. Really split on how I want to keep her cool in the super gnarly... I love the idea of the Boyesen supercooler water pump because it does not add weight but not sure how much cooler it keeps the bike and it doesn't have a way to turn on to cool the bike like a fan kit. Thoughts about this vs. a fan kit? so the next product would be the trail tech digital radiator fan kit which will add weight but will be able to adjust when the fan comes on too keep her cooler when "I" want but it's one more thing to break/maintain... They are basically the same price. What works better is the question? New to both products
  8. 90% SG and 10% water. It does most of the work if you let it soak for like 5 mins. Probably a huge waste but it works awesome for me!
  9. Dude I really think it works. Total placebo effect
  10. Next question will be if my grunt exhaust manifold will work with the FMF header? We will see..
  11. My P.O box had an awesome present in it today and 2 days early to boot! I decided to dig a bit deeper to see if I could find a better deal on the exhaust. I totally found one for $550 bucks shipped after I searched harder using item numbers and other ways to search for it. Pretty damn stoked!
  12. Nice!! I hope to be out in that area this weekend! Lots of buddies are riding westwater for the next three days but I can't get off damn work. I will Pm you my number so we can try to connect Daryl I bet my man. Heck after 4 days straight of riding I am feeling it for sure!
  13. Hit kinda a snag in the suspension mod fun.... Her/ our horse had some huge vet bills come in so we had to slow the roll a wee bit! So hopefully this week I will order the Bruce Tripplet rear shock kit and have my suspension guy install. The rear shock is so damn bad we will focus on it first and just install 1 BBR Hd spring and see how that does for my wife. The Bruce Tripplet front fork upgrade will happen just may have to mid summer. We basically cut the entire top of the airbox off and then got the jetting right! She is ripping now to the best of her potential for sure! The wife was super happy!! Totally forgot what we changed it it too but it starts now at 8600k ASL without the choke, so a total win IMO since hit would barley start on choke at that elevation. The performance gain was good from the correct jetting but she wants a little more so I am thinking a Hi-comp piston like mentioned earlier by an awesome 150/230 expert! Her Pro-Curcuit T-4 header has got a great new color! She likes it, lol. The exhaust sounds pretty damn good to be honest. She said she really enjoyed the new tires and I bet she did since the ones we took off were about 15% left. 😂 I had a couple more Titanium bolts sitting around so installed on her front number plate and throttle. You know WTF not Really Really hit a snag with the pegs.. The right sticks out sooooo damn far because of the kick starter and with how wide the fastway Evo pegs are she is catching the right pegs in ruts. No she is not laying down sick bar laying rut turns just easy going wife right turns in a rut. So is there a right side peg attachment arm that does not stick out as far? Is the 150r closer to the frame? It also makes using the rear brake very difficult. Any help please!! As always thank you guys very much!
  14. CV4 radiator cap and new fuel cap hose installed. New exhaust shipped today so stoked on that. I am going to sell the FMF slip on off the bike to help off set the cost of the new one. What's it worth? Like $100 bucks, possibly more or less? I really need to stop cleaning it so damn much... I had 2 guys today ask hey bro is that bike brand new??
  15. Thanks!!! But I am no youngster anymore, 34 years old. I will be Racing super senior before I know it! Lol