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  1. Thanks my man! Thats actually snowmass ski resort in the back ground, the ski run is called Funnel. Great to hear! It seems bomber proof for sure!
  2. Lately I have been finding the best deals/shipping on MX parts via amazon prime, yes EBay sometimes will have it cheaper but at times a nightmare to buy from. My staple for buying parts was Rocky Mtn Atv because they are a state away, pretty cheap and always have everything in stock but lately my old man patience for packages has gotten a lot better so I can wait a wee bit longer to save some bucks. This is my first go with a T.M design chain guard and I am very impressed how stout it is. Pretty stoked to install it but the my silly fancy Titanium bolts from Racetech Titanium will arrive tomorrow so not today Lol The Boyesen super cooler will be here Saturday but we are doing a 3 day shred fest on the stand up jet skis so maybe next week for the install.
  3. They really are quite addicting my man...
  4. Sitting next to my best mans hand built hot rod..
  5. Clicked off a couple of the want items tonight! I know most say go with a fan kit but I went with the Boyesen supercooler kit in black and I pray it will keep her cooler. It also looks slick AF in black! Also the stock chain guide is bent so I replaced it with a TM design factory edition #2 in black. The chain guide bolts are smashed in to the chain guide so I replaced them with some Racetech Titanium ones ­čśł
  6. That could be fun but it being only 7.6 miles round trip it would be a quick ride. Pm where you live and we will try and get a ride in. That would be cool, mine is close to stock as well.
  7. No my man I don't but from reading about it I would say you can ride your bike on it, it says OHV vehicles are allowed.
  8. After scratching up my brand new exhaust really good I decided it was driving me nuts looking at so I started my search again for the Husqvarna hard parts FMF 4.1 stickers to remove the beat up ones. Finally after figuring out the part number I was able to locate two places that sell the kit, one in the USA and one in the U.K. I am also over the beat up look of my rims but do not need new rims. So instead of new rims I am looking at the S3 protective decal kit in black. Does anyone have experience with them?
  10. Tried to go on a ride tonight and the princess would not fire.. I washed and put her away 8 days ago ripping! Bike was full of gas, fully charged battery and did the normal starting procedure. After 2 batteries worth of 3 seconds starts and checking every connection she was a no go. So started with fuel filters, the filter in the fuel line under the seat was the culprit. Pulled the dirty girl out and boom she fired up quicker than she ever has before.. I ran a golan mini filter on my last KTM, kinda curious if I should change my Husky to that set up. Beyond stoked that was the issue!
  11. Well I am glad 15% of my hard earned income is going to a total bad a$$!! Be blessed you will receive it, we will see if it's around when I am eligible lol
  12. You make me laugh.. work day is better now
  13. I was super stoked to ride Berthoud Moto park over the holiday weekend but it was a quick one... I came up short on the first step of the day and for some damn reason when I landed I whiskey throttled off the top and just sent it! I got worked bad and so did the bike.. So I spent the weekend on the boat and stand up jet ski's.. pretty bummed but that's life
  14. Yes I am in the hills,I live in Snowmass Village/Aspen. Lots of good riding up here but probably won't be rideable until July, maybe earlier but we keep getting snow. Aspen ski resort opened over the weekend for riding. Lots of killer riding around Aspen, lots of good single track and you can ride to crested butte for lunch and ride home. Around Vailish area Wolcott, Burns and Gypsum all have great spots. If you want to continue West, Rifle, Debeque, Grand junction and Rabbit valley/ West Water. Pretty endless riding on the western slope
  15. The pictures from the last couple posts are from Bullhollow racetrack in Monticello, Utah