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  1. My Gasgas is 28.75" from axle center line to the fork cap.
  2. Around here that's a fair price, the contact is the base/entry level model in the gasgas line up. The base model used to be the Pro and the Racing had the extra bling and different forks. I think now its the Contact and the Gp. I went with this '14 racing as it's essentially the same bike as the '17s. Really wanted a Beta, but they are few and far between here and everyone wants a butt-load of money for them. Gasser's are fairly plentiful as we've got one of the biggest Gasgas dealers in the country locally.
  3. This is kinda where we disagree. I wouldn't argue that Beta needs a totally new model, just align the current race edition more into an actual "racing" model. Keep the same basic platform with the CC forks, but get rid of the lights, computer, and miles of wiring. Basically the Beta version of a Ktm XC(which sell like hotcakes around here.) I don't think it's really about buying a bike with "less" ...if that was the case, all bikes would come with luggage bags, grip heaters, windscreens, etc. Fact is that there is a growing segment of the riding population that want stripped down cross-country bikes, that didn't really exist a few years ago. Back then, the only xc bikes were KTM's and they didn't didn't even offer them in every displacement. Now, Ktm is actually dropping some of the enduro bikes and the other manufacturers are having success with their own xc bikes.
  4. Replaced the crappy brake pressure sensor banjo bolts with bolts from a 05 kinda surprised me, but actually improved the feel of the front brake.
  5. I bent the stock radiators all to hell in one crash, if I had guards/braces, they might have been fine. I ended up replacing them with the oversize Myler's and the Myler's specific Bulletproof guards. So far about a year on them and they are only slightly much trauma as my poor bike has been through, this is a good thing.
  6. Modified this brake spring from a yz to fit the beta. Just had to drill and tap the red holder for 8mm. Now the rear brake has a very firm feel. Also ditched the brake pressure sensor's with some regular banjo bolts...Actually noticeably improved the feel of the front brake. Not Beta content...but added this Gasgas 280 racing to the fleet. After my last Gasser trials bike, I swore I'd buy a Beta instead...but I'm a slow learner...
  7. Yesterday I stripped a bunch of the unneeded wiring, no more turn signal, brake light wiring, etc. The horn stays though, as that the novelty of it never left me. Found one of the connectors for the starter broke, so it was hit or miss with the button while I was riding today. a rear flat while riding today. I always pack a spare tube...except for today. For whatever reason, I took it out of my back pack the other day when I was looking for something and it never made it back in. I ended up stuffing pine needles in the tire as a last ditch effort. It worked for a few miles, but was pointless after that. I'm done with tubes and Tubliss's and have a mousse on order.
  8. On my 300, I did the first one at 140 and it was a little more worn than I would have liked. I plan on doing the next one at 120 hours.
  9. Mine are at about a 45 degree angle. I mostly stand up, so it's whats comfortable for me.
  10. My very first bike was an xr80...may get flamed for this, but I never really understood the hoopla about the xr's. I guess they were awesome back in the 80's, but I've always been pretty unimpressed by the 250/400's I've ridden. The motors are reliable, but the chassis leave a lot to be desired for anything but slow speed riding.
  11. For me, the 81's actually hooked up better than the MotoZ tractionater s/t that replaced them. The MotoZ only seemed to work well when it was very new. I've since found my new favorite tire, the Goldentyre gt216.
  12. They actually hooked up decently, they just didn't hold up to a faster pace through the rocks.
  13. beta 125rr

    I'm guessing it's aimed at 14-16 year olds...which a full-size 125 would be perfect for in a racing enviroment.
  14. Dang, if I ever get my inheritance from my uncle the Nigerian prince, one of these is going to end up in my garage. Unfortunately, around here a 125 is never going to replace my 300 for the mountainous terrain. If I ever do get a 125, it'll be some cheap project mx bike.
  15. I had to replace my stock front rim last year after a "little" impact with a rock. It's not the cheapest option, but if I had to do it again, I'd go with a DID Dirtstar rim. I got a cheap Tusk instead and have a couple flat spots.