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  1. Anybody see that wall jump in Saturday nights race in Detroit? As it happens, my track just through one of these bad boys in last week. I was trying to see how the pros handle it but they are playing a much different game than me. So far I'm just shifting my weight forward on the ramp. Any other tips?
  2. You can also start the bike and check the idle speed with the tuner (along with everything else).
  3. Zeroing in on "fair price" is tough in such a small market. $5500 seems about right to me. Really depends how motivated you are to sell it and certainly a bit of luck. I paid $6400 OTD on a brand new leftover '15 this past December.
  4. More than 2 .... which is exactly how long I've been at it.
  5. Not sure what you mean by that. My opinion on the WR250F to an SM machine still leaves you out a grand even with no bling. The things I listed are bare minimum. My prediction that it will likely sit in the garage after the initial "love it" phase is even more likely given you've got a monster DS sitting next to it. Just my 2p. I converted the WR250R to a SM bike. The added traction just made me want more power.
  6. Wheels, tires, sprockets, indicators and lighting upgrade will run you a grand. You'll probably want a nice seat too. Then you'll be stuck with a bad dual sport bike because the primary gearing is suboptimal and you'll be aching for more power. Sure, you'll love it a first, then you'll find reasons not to go riding. Then it will be impossible to sell for a decent price because it's a wildebeast. IMO it's good money after bad. The most expensive bike is the one you own but don't ride. Sell the WR and get a proper street bike. One you'll WANT to ride.
  7. I have no idea what my bike does at steady throttle - never tried it.
  8. Buy an FX
  9. Agree with all above. My buddy is an advanced rider at about 200 lb. He took my 250FX thru some super technical stuff for an hour - he loved it. His normal ride is a KTM 450 XCF. My bike was not even tuned to hit hard. It was programmed with the 'smooth-linear' map. Besides, as Guy pointed out, you answered you own Q.
  10. Buy some of this and cut it to fit. It'll do until you find something better.
  11. I've been riding a dog track for the last few years. Hard pan, sand, gravel, mulch, potholes and boulders, all on the same track on the same day. I'm exaggerating only slightly. I finally rode a real track with well groomed and watered dirt. I couldn't get over the traction, it was like velcro. It was a charity event and mobbed so I only got 2 short motos in. But man it's nice knowing when you launch a jump there is not a giant rock waiting for you on the other side. Or that under the first inch of dirt there is nothing but more dirt instead of polished rock. Or that you're bike won't get squirrelly on the sand to mulch to gravel transitions. The whole time I'm thinking .... "so this is how it's supposed to be!" Anybody else ride hare scrambles called MX tracks like me?
  12. Hunter .... firstly, understand that acceleration ruts on jumps are challenging and there's no magic wand to change that. Everybody so far has advised you to look ahead and I don't disagree. I will only add that at the base of the jump I make sure I've got those wheels lined up properly before I look ahead and punch it. It's not unlike a corner where at first you are focused on the getting the wheels set in the rut, but once you do, look ahead and twist the throttle. As a novice I try to stick to the same 1 or 2 ruts (on jumps) so I get familiar with how they will throw me. As the day goes on it gives me the confidence to punch it more and more.
  13. There are a lot more 4t's where I ride. About 4 to 1. I'd be curious to know of any official stats on this.
  14. It's amazing how many vendors don't know anything about the FX and have fitment declarations wrong. If you go to a schematic and compare the F to the FX (by OEM part numbers) before you buy anything you will be surprised how many more farkles are available to FX riders.
  15. ferguswr ... just noticed your from the Auld Sod. So is Mrs. Gatorfan, born and raised in SE near Waterford. I've been there too many times to count for family functions, Christmas etc. Great times, though a couple of Christmases are hard to recall if you get my drift.