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  1. I had no luck replacing the bumpers. Loose one a ride.. Here's what I did.. bit of a hack but would just end up with 2 hole in the battery bracket if I reverse the mod. The bottom one is great. Only had one of those. The rubber on the top one wont take the weight and needs work every few rides.. The seat just has both bumpers removed. You can see in the first picture the white showing on the tank where the seat has rubbed when the bumper was missing.
  2. Cool.. I always have a tank bag on my 690 so the registration along with $10 in cash for gas stays there.. Looks like you are already missing a rubber support bumper on your seat.. bottom left of the last image. With that missing the lack of support will lead to a cracked seat pan. I got sick of replacing them and put a custom rubber bumper on top of the battery bracket to support the seat. I think the seat design is the #1 flaw with the 690. I have seen may cracked seat pans and had to work on my seat after nearly every ride.
  3. Too late man, you done miss a killer spring.. Think you will be ready for fall Downieville season?
  4. But you can't ride out of the campground on a non-plated bike. It upsets the Rangers.. You can stage along the dirt road downstream of the bridge at the campground... or several other places along North South Road. Get the maps off the Forest Service web site.. planning is half the fun...
  5. Great to see more 690 fans. It tears up the rural/bad pavement back roads way better than my 950 did.. I get on the freeway with the 690 when I just want to get home fast.. something I would never do on a plated 450/500.
  6. It's cool to hear the new twin spark engine is not amazingly better than the previous gen 690 engine. There was a lot of hype around the vibration reduction extra balancer. I found the rubber isolated mounts of the Scotts damper mount was all the vibration reduction I needed. I love the power characteristics of mine. Hope it last a lifetime cause that's how long I plan to keep it.
  7. There's a whole list of little frame and other differences people have listed on other sites. Nothing I would consider significant. The KTM 690 Duke was the first to get the twin spark engine upgrade. The Duke has had it at least 2 years. The talk was the KTM 690E should have the new engine by now... The fact only the Husky got it could support the rumor KTM will someday discontinue the 690E and only sell it as a Husky.
  8. June Lake CA last fall Rubicon Trial
  9. I think it does have a thermostat. It's in-line on the radiator hose. I would think if the thermostat is not opening then the radiators would not get hot enough to puke..
  10. Sounds like typical clutch drag which should not be a source of extra heat when riding like a slipping clutch would. A bad water pump would be indicated by cool radiators while the engine is crazy hot. May have to go richer on the jetting. Lean jetting often rides great.. Does it lean bog on the "whack the throttle test"?
  11. My "old seasoned rider" routine is to ride Georgetown on my 2T ever ride... then I hit all the other areas at least once a year.. T6, CB, WST and Downie. Yesterday I did a variation of the "Slyko noob eliminator route" Stage at Mace - 6 clockwise to 1 to 8 to 9 to 4 to 5 corners then 5 to flume (1-4) to 1-6 to 1-2 then deep water crossing and 1 back to mace... Easy 1 hour loop.
  12. I got a later start today.. kept an eye for the Burg.. Getting dusty already. 4 was pretty beat out from the Enduro traffic. Only trial worth pictures.. So nice with the new bridge.
  13. One of my favorite paved roads. In 4k. The 690 is tons of fun on pavement, no Supermoto wheels needed. Here's one that shows the exploring options the 690 allows.. Stuff I would have to skip when I had a 950 Adventure. Yea, not as fast in the woods as a 250, who cares... Slow exploring is fun too and out solo... plenty of excitement on make it or walk home sections..
  14. Dedicated 690 forum Don't get me started on the pictures.. The only thing better than riding is taking pictures.. some other bike and a pack of 690s