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  1. I too would think it's a fueling issue. Could need the injectors cleaned. If your buddy really wants to support the fuel injection system himself look into a program called TuneECU. I have the same program for my 690. You can read all the diagnostic info yourself as well as load new MAPs. There are a lot better maps out there than the stock map.
  2. I had a Husky 610, they had a big issue with needing a new cam chain as soon as 3,000 miles. The damn thing had metal crap in every oil change... very lame.. I would not buy another. Not uncommon for a 690 to go 60k miles without a rebuild. It's all in how it was taken care of and a little luck. The key on used bikes is getting a price that reflects the use/condition. Like yz posted above, the rocker arms are a known issue, possibly check the gas tank for up/down play as the mount point wears, mainly on extreme off road use. Not much else.
  3. Yes, the the jets are compatible too.. The big plus with the Suz needs is they are triple taper just like a JD needle. Really helps keep it clean at light throttle. The KTM needles have 2 tapers, the are fine at some throttle positions, I could never get a tune I liked with them at light throttle..
  4. I would get the NECK and NEDK which will allow 1/2 clip changes. NEDK clip 3 = NECK clip 3.5 "K" is the starting diameter. There are many combos that work.... like going with a richer starting diameter and a 35PJ over a 38PJ.
  5. +1 on the Suzuki needles. Very clean off-idle response for slow technical trails.. Here's my jetting table for georgetown- NEDK #2 165 main, 38 pilot @ 4,000ft 80*-85* Summer NECK #3 168 main, 38 pilot @4,000ft 50*-60* Fall/Spring (+1/2 clip from summer) NECJ #3 170 main, 38 pilot @4,000ft 45*-55* Winter (+1/2 clip and richer starting diameter) I find it easier to change the needle than the jets, lately I have been leaving in the 168 main all year and just changing the needle for summer. Well worth the trouble to get a cleaner response when summer temps get hot. Trails usually close for winter before I ever need winter jetting.
  6. I think the 2-stroke is the superior woods bike for NorCal. My 450 has sat for 2 years since I got the 250xcw. I don't think you mentioned the hours on the bike.. I would plan on putting in a fresh piston if there are over 200 hours on the current one. There's an 06 in the Sac CL now with only 30 hours on it. Looks new, but doubt you could get it for 2300. And.. as stated the 2012+ 2Ts are amazing. New frame design and the E-start is worth it when stalled on a hill.
  7. I have the FMF Q4, it can be quiet if you are light on the throttle. If you whack the throttle it is loud.
  8. From my research the 690 should go 60,000 miles on average before a top-end rebuild. Most that have done rings around 30,000 miles report that the old rings were fine. There are 100,000 mile 690s out there.. mostly in Europe. I don't plan on any major tear-downs till 60,000 unless the bike tells me otherwise. Possible high mile items I would consider - injector cleaning, filters, cleaning residue out of fuel tank and fuel pump, new voltage regulator, full service of forks/shock.. compression check..
  9. I believe I just removed the rear wheel and the lower tank bolt, then you swing the tank up to remove the shock. I would have the shock fully serviced by a qualified KTM/WP guy. I think mine was $130 or so for the full service ( all new seals, fresh oil and nitrogen charge).
  10. PC rocks on the right bike. You can legal "free ride" all over the place. There's short section of terrain that will test you.
  11. To comment directly to the thread title - I crash way less on my 2-stoke. Went from a 2007 450 to a 2014 250xcw. I think it's all in the new frame design and lighter weight 2T. I have gotten seriously crossed up on the 2T and never dumped it. Amazing recoveries that would have put me on the ground on the 450.
  12. Rumor has it .... Tahoe NF is moving towards using rain gauge info to open the trails during dry winter spells. This would open up Forest Hill and Chalk Bluff.
  13. I call 333-4312.... Yes they open in the winter.. same as the old deal. They should have been open before this rain last night. At least the West side.
  14. I would say your bike is too lean if it gets hot enough to ignite the pipe guard. I can smell my pipe guard starting to cook only when the bike is real hot. It only happens a few time a year with no visible signs it got too hot.
  15. Good move on the lithium jump battery. I carry one too on my 690.