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  1. Was the engine installed in the bike when you got it? EDIT**On KDXRIDER.NET, there is a whole section on the hows and whys of doing this.
  2. Just let it drain out while having a beer. When your finished with the beer, it will be ready to refill with oil.
  3. The oem silencer doesn't have packing. There is a bolt underneath it that you remove and beat it with a rubber mallet to knock the spooge out (seriously).
  4. Yamacool from the Yamaha dealer.
  5. Did you ever have one that smokes white smoke? My sons does that and short of a top end I don't know what to do for it. Rebuilt carb, adjusted valves, still runs kinda poorly. And smokes.
  6. I think your missing a part/washer. You need to pull it back apart. It ain't that much to do it.
  7. You would have to go to the parts fich and check the specs. It might work but it might not fit/bolt up.
  8. Good deal. Cool bike.
  9. It's hard to tell from these 2 pictures.
  10. I'm sure this has been settled as it was 4 years ago.
  11. 4 stroke=thumper 2 stroke= pinger
  12. There was a domain for a two stroke site called that (Pinger Talk). Closed for lack of traffic.
  13. RMS 250's were cool bikes. 250cc 2-stroke, USD forks, headlight. Suzuki version of KDX. They didn't make them very long though. If it's in good shape, go for it!
  14. A CRF 110 is way too big of a bike for her.
  15. That ^^^ looks like a good deal.