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  1. RMS 250's were cool bikes. 250cc 2-stroke, USD forks, headlight. Suzuki version of KDX. They didn't make them very long though. If it's in good shape, go for it!
  2. A CRF 110 is way too big of a bike for her.
  3. That ^^^ looks like a good deal.
  4. Can you show us a picture?
  5. I agree. I have one in my garage right now I've had for 12 yrs.
  6. No way all that fits unless the quad hangs off the tailgate.
  7. Keep the desert pipe. It was made for the 220 to get it to rev like the 200 does. It has enough torque already but think about maybe 49-50 tooth sprocket in the rear with the 13 in front.
  8. Keep the desert pipe. It lets the 220 rev higher. The woods pipe is for the 200 for torque.
  9. Yes, the blues forks are original.
  10. If they've never ridden before, go with the XR 70. It has 3 spd manual with auto clutch. Great bike to learn on. All 3 of my boys learned on it and I still have it. You can sell it for about what you payed for it to upgrade to a clutch (XR 80) when the time comes.
  11. The bike looks good. No stickers is usually from power washer. I'd pay 900 if the compression checks good.
  12. Spark plug? That's what seems to go on mine if it doesn't start. (just a thought).
  13. Primary Drive is a good chain for the price. I have bought a set for each of my 3 KDX's. I'm not sure n the choice of pipes for a '92. I have 13-47 on two of the bikes and 13-50 on the other. **edit** more info
  14. With that budget, you can buy the KDX and have money left over for a full rebuild and helmet,boots etc. The kdx is a great bike but you didn't say the year. '95-06 is the last generation and the best, IMO.