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  1. California

    * Krannies Just Right Ride Thread is closed for the weekend, for maintenence and repairs. Please leave a message and we will get back to you at our earliest convienence. We expect to be back in service by next week. Thank you for shopping at Krannies JRRT.
  2. Tire flex, knob height, lean radius, etc, all change the feel of the rear when changing to a new tire......but don't try and compensate at first, just ride it. Sometimes you might have to change the sag, but only if you are really sensitive to it.
  3. Start from full in (gently) and count the clicks counterclockwise / out That way both sides will always be the same. Start with the factory settings, but go 5 less clicks on everything. Slowing add in compression only at first. Your goal is to get the wheels to follow the terrain and retain as much traction as possible. Do not tune for 'comfort', tune for traction. If you tune for comfort, you will be tuning only for the speed at which you were evaluating that comfort.... Remember, 1 rebound click is equivilent to almost .5 compression clicks (in or out).
  4. Hot start is for starting when hot ONLY Even then, we are talking after stalling it when hot, not just restarting. Try doing a little searching, down load an OEM Yamaha service manual from Yamaha's web site. That would be the first thing I would do if I were you, and start reading it. You are correct, there will not be a thread on your misunderstanding of the hot start, but this thread will cover most of the questions you might have about the carb'd YZ's:
  5. I have run 100% Lucas oil stabilizer in my WR before, when the crank was dying. It's just oil with higher sulfer and metals in it, nothing special. After getting hot once, it's no longer thick like molasses.
  6. A 2009 does not have a manual decompression lever That is the hot start lever You have an auto decompression system built into the exahust cam, as all yamahas since 2003 If it requires hot start to get it going, the jetting is not right. Read the pinned posts at the top of this forum
  7. You sir, are correct. Early version:
  8. Yes I did. I have a used one for sale if you are interested. PM me.
  9. Yeah, why doesn't everyone do their research for you and read your mind? Why don't companies put in parts that not every one uses or needs or wants, just to make you happy? Why do you think spending money on a thing solves another thing? Why indeed. Whiney fingerpointing BS post.
  10. California

  11. Always everytime
  12. California

    I think 4K is Curt/Kevin, and if it is, we are not worthy....
  13. Everybody but Beta and Sherco use the Keihin FI system.....
  14. Clear the cylinder and try starting it again
  15. As described, your symptom is the pilot circuit. That could be the passage, the jet, the fuel screw passage, the fuel screw oring, or god forbid, the body seal.