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  1. slap a tree with your back wheel to throw your bike into a 180 degree mid air spin? easy! tim coleman has obscene amounts of talent and we need to outlaw this sort of caper lol! and it looks as though tim coleman could be popping out too to help out with the more skilled riders...
  2. which particular fractures do you mean? some are relatively simple and after a few plates a rider can be hobbling around within two weeks, then load bearing within six weeks.
  3. third vid in the knee brace series. some dirt riders won't wear knee braces because they believe they can cause femur fractures. watch the vid below for more info, but the research strongly suggests that isn't true for the vast majority of dirt riders at least. there is anecdotal evidence that suggests there could be a link for motocross riders in major impacts or landing badly from big jumps etc but even then it appears to be far from conclusive with no evidence in research and conflicting reports from riders and specialists fixing up busted motocross riders... more research in this specific area needed.
  4. The longer I ride the more I'm convinced many of us blame our tires, suspension, lack of bling or brand/type/size of bike instead of our lack of ability. It's hard to quantify but I think the basic principle is sound. Sure, a lighter bike or better suspension or an anodized fuel cap can improve the way we ride but I suspect not to the degree we think. How often are we duped by glossy bike mags into being unhappy with our old faithful steeds and think that our riding ability, and overall happiness, can only be purchased by throwing wads of cash over the counter at the local bike shop?
  5. Inspired by the recent story in this recent issue of Traction eRag where enduro legend Archie Macmillan rode a $300 Honda XL185 in Canada's extreme enduro.... it's all about the rider not the bike! You can blame your knobbies, or the colour of your riding gear, or your brand of bike - but most of the time it's easier just to start working on your riding skills instead. Our DR650 features heavily in this vid as many asked to see the big bushpig on our harder enduro tracks - we were all surprised at how capable the big girl was.
  6. Got some good tips from a national motocross champion recently who buggered up his knees badly in his racing days. Apparently protecting your knees doesn't end with wearing knee guards or braces. You can also reduce knee injuries with good ride technique, fitness and bike setup tips. Research suggests the most common issue is poor cornering technique with our inside leg. Then jumps. Basic fitness can also help to strengthen ligaments and muscles to prevent small injuries or reduce the effects of major injuries. And some decent sized grippy footpegs won't go astray either. Anyone got more tips?
  7. oh i reckon i'll be wearing pink a lot if it's based on who crashed the most the previous day lol. tim coleman embarrassing us all again... and on one of those weird bikes without seats.
  8. that poorly suspended mx monster, the KTM 250SX, is slowly becoming a civilized enduro beast at last.
  9. oh and a new video too which sort of continues the theme of a recent one about how to get more leave passes from your significant other.
  10. monsieur jarvis est tres sexy, n'est ce pas? ^lol apparently in canada this summer a rider will win the gumby of the day award and will have to wear the pink tutu the following day. i'm sure i'll be wearing it a lot lol. but i'll be proud (yet strangely uncomfortable) to have the testicular sweat of jarvis and colton haaker rubbed on to my boys. will i ride better as result? who knows? this pic is from the latest issue of traction erag and was real eye opener about winter riding in the northern hemisphere. subscribe to the world's best shitty magazine to read it! http://tractionerag.com/
  11. i figured this was important enough to start a separate thread on the forum. lots of research the past few months trying to sort out the truth about knee braces as much as possible from the limited research that has been done. my personal take? i ALWAYS wear braces for dirt riding as i've injured both knees before and in my 50s the knees ain't what they used to be! braces are expensive, some guys find them uncomfortable, others just believe they don't really help much.... i hope this vid helps you decide whether to get them or not. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27XXYoaW0rs
  12. at the end of the video for this thread you'll see a link to one on tips for choosing the best brace. i show how it stuffed up in the video. others have had the same thing happen but far as i can tell it's not really widespread.
  13. agreed ckny. there's a very long thread about femur fractures on this forum but it was before that groundbreaking 2011 research came out. there certainly seems to be no hard evidence. just to be sure it would be good to see research just focusing on experienced motocross riders as that seemed to be what the debate was focusing on. i've got a video on this topic coming up too.
  14. I know some guys have bought the Mobius X8 as it's about the cheapest true knee brace. I tried them and figured they aren't bad as an entry level knee braces if you are on a tight budget. Mine jammed up after only three rides, an issue I've seen a few guys report so I took them back. But others seem to be using them very happily.