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  1. an interview with that phenomenal endurocross wannabe and man of steel reece tasker after his amazing practice lap at red bull rocks & logs. reece reveals why graham jarvis didn't show up for the event, and also the secret of his amazing speed and skill on this daunting track.
  2. a slow motion edit of some footage i took yesterday at red bull rocks & logs 2017. pity the camera doesn't show how ridiculous some of these obstacles were.
  3. a slow motion edit from red bull rocks and logs yesterday. if only the camera showed how crazy some of these obstacles were....
  4. Interview with Reece Tasker who won his class yesterday. The big event starts in a few hours, watch the live feed....
  5. having lots of fun in canada. traction erag flew me into calgary to film and interview riders at the red bull rocks and logs. there is an exclusive live feed available on traction erag's facebook page here today at 11:45am MST. i walked the track and had an offer to do a practice lap but it looked so tough i figured the chances of injury were too high. but you can see the new track through the eyes of enduro legend wannabe reece tasker... an aussie expat who annoys canadians almost as much as i do lol.
  6. Exclusive live feed available on Traction eRag's Facebook page here 11:45am MST Sun 25th June 2017. Watch 264 motocross athletes test their skills on Canada’s only rider-designed Endurocross course. The track has been redesigned and is even more brutal than previous years. You can see the new track through the eyes of enduro legend wannabe Reece Tasker.
  7. bikeless and forced to beg, borrow and steal a ride before heading off to canada.... my so called "friends" lend me a few highly inappropriate beasts for the day.
  8. cheers d, much appreciated! 10 years as editor for australia's brain injury magazine has made me very careful with how i do reviews or report on bikes etc. e.g. 10 riders can have 10 different opinions on a bike so i'm always saying get a test ride, read other reviews too etc.
  9. as most of you probably know, i sold my beta RR300 a fair while back to finance going full time on these videos. so i've been relying on loan bikes ever since for various projects... the Beta RR480, Suzuki DR650 and the KTM 250SX. a huge thanks to everyone who supports these vids (through the website here) as i've just managed to scrape together enough cash to get my own bike again as all those loan bikes had to be returned. it WILL be an italian princess, but which one... the RR300 or the XTrainer? decisions like this are a tough first world problem.
  10. day two at woods point near melbourne... great company, great bikes, a massive riding area and more fun than you can poke a stick at - plus i got to jump between a two stroke and four stroke all day for some interesting comparisons.
  11. on the way home from tasmania i fly into melbourne as some old dogs had invited me to sample some of the awesome dirt riding in victoria. i wasn't disappointed... there's a pile of interlinking state forests that form what must be one of the largest dirt riding areas in the world. and these old dogs were bloody fast too, especially owen who is the big cheese at clake.
  12. trophies are highly over rated... personally i think it's all about the t-shirt!
  13. I get so many emails every week about this that I figured it was better to just do a video about the topic, for what my dodgy gumby opinion is worth! Topics covered: - buy new or used? - Two stroke or four stroke? - Short or tall rider? - What size engine? - Motocross conversions - Hybrid bikes
  14. tim coleman explains how to use pivot turns as an advanced hill climb technique when speed and momentum won't get you up. i've seen jarvis and other top riders using this in extreme enduros, it's way harder than it looks! really looking forward to riding with tim in canada in about a month's time. check out tim's coaching here. get enough riders together and he'll fly pretty much anywhere.
  15. probably too long a drive for the vast majority of cannucks but i whipped up this vid for the very last mexican 500 enduro sprint this weekend in aylmer, ontario.