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  1. It seems the description of Holcolmbe's bike sort of matches.. nothing really exclusive or extra special.. basic race ediiton with some suspension and other not major mods..
  2. ..US ??? I thought you'd finally break down and buy a Beta.. What ya gettin? Actually with BYOB everyone can get their bike customade..Set up. with any Beta set up exactly how they want. Just order like an xc like other brands.
  3. Sounds good...sounds like fun!...what kind of race? How many laps? Or is it time like 2 hrs for ex..No matter..just dont get hurt on your first race...enjoy it.
  4. I like your 89 van... It has character.. This is all a blurr anyway..
  5. Here's last Sunday's ride.. or a little of it.. went slow for a solo ride and cleaned trails..
  6. I'm not too hard core about it being strictly a trail vid and not a race vid.. Most of our gnarly race vids are either trails we already ride.. or after the race it becomes regular trails to ride. It is gnarly though and I just like seeing how guys go up and down trails that are so hard yet they still make it look relatively easy. There are even guys that almost don't even post hard trails at all. Some look like jeep roads sometimes.. That's not gnarly.. but I'm not going to get bent. Some guys just like seeing some of their trails or other vids once in a while. I think most want hardcore trails up but I'm hoping people just police themselves and just enjoy checking out videos. I kind of like the Lagares vid above as some of it looks like Hawaii trails..
  7. This is a good one.. got some serious technical stuff..
  8. Honestly I don't think the bad parts matter or that those are bad parts.. even the "strong" parts. I know for example the difference with my 13' 300rr and my 15 300rr.. it's refinement. My 15 300rr is what the 14' race edition 300 is with upgraded motor .. It' is different than my 13' but not a huge difference.. we will see but I'm not feeling that the 18 is a huge jump from the 17 300rr.. we will see though. To me that's great info.. upgrades.. refinement on an already excellent bike.
  9. What is sort of verified to me is that a stock Beta rr is not far from his world championship bike.. even that he has the stock fork . The other video of the welsh enduro I think it was sort of had a similar description of the bike.. it was basicly stock with some light wheels put on and his suspension was tuned for him.. The motor seems cleaned up but not far very far from stock. It just seems simple. He and the team work hard and just get the right settings and he trains.. he stays in shape.. eats well. He works hard and just races. He's leading in points too right now.. He's humble but confident and seems like a nice guy...and He's a current world champion.. Nice guerilla video interview. It's like he just got his phone out and started attacking with the questions.. and good questions too. The interviewer got in and got out with no fooling around and going straight for the meat. As far as some watching this vid or not.. That's ok.. watch .. don't watch.. It's up to who want's to see. I got good info for me and I'll share what I can just in case others want to see.. I think you and I like looking at stuff like this.. some others do too..
  10. Well there's great coverage.. of the simple stuff.. short clutching to get over short sections to set up for the next etc..It's hard and these guys are the best and they are making it look easier than it is..but still suffering.. It's hard.. These guys are in top shape.. all of this is hard..I like it.
  11. I keep wanting to go back to stock because it is so much quieter and still has lots of power.. the difference is the stock is quieter , bigger and heavier.. but it's not objectionable to me...Honestly I don't notice power increase.. nice sound.. more throaty like I'm driving an IROC with the fmf. The fmf is nice and light and more noisy but not too bad with the insert.. without it it's a straight pipe harley.. I have the Q2 to put on for my 525 now.. sold my fmf to another TT'r. Search through threads and guys have also adapted ktm pipes.. idk.. I don't see a problem with stock.. but it is surprisingly harder to find 09 and earlier exhausts.
  12. California

    Sounds like a setup...
  13. Nothing wrong with a gasser trials bike.. from what little I know of trials bike.. but I'd get a gasgas if it was a good deal . Beta's go for not cheap and I've been surprised how trials bikes have high resale.. at least locally. I saw that a new gasgas trials bike goes for something like $6500 or less brand new. I saw it at our gasgas shop up the road and thought that wasn't a bad deal.. of course I don't know much about trials bikes and what's good or not.. if one is that much better than another. I bet you got a good deal. This is what I saw for just a little bit more at the shop for sale.. Is this good? I'd think it would be for the price ..but idk.. https://honolulu.craigslist.org/oah/mcy/6172593610.html https://images.cr 2017 Gas Gas 250 fuel: gas transmission: manual Brand new 2017 gas gas 250 contact trials bike. It only has 2 rides on it comes with a beginner seat. It is a lot of fun to ride. Message me for pictures and more info. It's a great bike and runs perfect do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers
  14. Yea we can agree to disagree. I just came from the other way is all. I had a 2 stroke mx bike and was paying money to try to make it like how a Beta comes stock...getting a stator for a head light.. buying a kick stand..putting on an 18" rear wheel.. never getting an estart or a 6th gear though... The other thing is that the little amount of weight doesn't make a difference or so little difference to me in performance . It's totally a non factor ..and that is personal preference . I'm not going faster or slower because I'll take off my lights and wiring . Maybe I also think this moreso because I have also raced my Beta 525 RS in local hare scrambles and enduro and still enjoyed racing it . it's a huge difference in weight from my 300 rr or 250 cr but that bike handles well and is easy to ride. Honestly I don't think I go much if any slower.. except if i have to get off my bike and muscle.. That's the risk you take as you don't know what kind of course or if the weather will change.. if it turns into an extreme enduro the 300 is a huge advantage. I did well considering it's a big street legal 500 in past races. ...and that bike actually does have a luggage rack on it.. I'd race it if my cr was down or just felt like racing it for fun instead. it's great to pass a guy and hit the horn and have a luggage rack..