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  1. Well Mr. Mixxer my post is intended for the masses of CRF230 owners that may wish to get hopefully get dialed in bolt on parts. That may also not wish to have to go through the hoopla of having to degree in a cam. I'm quite sure 1grtbldr and others are capable of doing it or getting it done. However my feeling is it will turn off more CRF230 riders that might want to take the route of a big bore, carb, cammed motor or other modified motor.
  2. Hum lots of dynos lots of different numbers. I guess it could be a whole lot more or less. However it was apparently good enough to reliably win a couple of championships for the owner and out power all the other 450's out there. Weren't you involved in a 55 rwhp WR450 that was supposed to be 60 that has been posted here and on Supermoto junkie.
  3. Yeah your a serious 230 guy. Ha ha Guy get it. Your building more into the one off. With very high compression race engines one would want to double check the cam timing. To just see no one made any mistakes. I think for the masses though it's just easier to trust slightly modified bolt together parts and run it. The serious race motors if there is anyone doing them are going to do whatever it takes.
  4. My road racing buddy puts every 65 rear wheel horsepower yz450 motor that gets put together on the dyno. If it's off by a hp or two it comes apart and gets redone. Picky picky. But it's a serious race bike.
  5. Magic words.
  6. I've done the cam timing before. However I have yet to file the cam sprocket to move one. You get a wince more top or bottom providing you don't have a foo foo gasket or shaved head. On yamaha 450's you would need to jig the cam press off the sprocket and reinstall. Easier to just run it unless your working with questionable parts or the unknown. Serious race bikes get degreed all the time. Hum any serious racers using dyno time and racing on 230's. 🤔
  7. Just trying to make sure I've got this right. CRF230 cam chain with normal stretch and degreeing the cam in for it every year. Even bothering to degree it in in the first place. That's hopefull your bike isn't too jacked around with funny gaskets requiring these things. Too much time on ones hands leads to these things. You gotta just put it together and ride.
  8. 65 rear wheel horsepower out of this one but it's a road race only YZ450. Not hooked up directly to the carb either. Wouldn't use one in the dirt.
  9. We have plenty of rocks. But on the steep hills many have boldered their way to the bottom. I know a line up impossible that is rock strewn at the top. It makes for a bitch of a hill.
  10. By the way the Dog Trap is easy now. However we can go around it also.
  11. There is no right answer. It all depends on where you ride and what your going to enjoy more. Bigger guys also have a easier time with 450's. We all ride built 450's but it's a highly different HP hill climb oriented area. The best bet is to try both if you can.
  12. Pretty much until you get to the real hills. Then you need a H P monster. Choose your weapon!!
  13. They might be. But if you want to replace the bearings and seals with Talon they stock them. I just ordered all of that stuff for my BBR framed CRF230 that has CR85 Talon hubs and it's being shipped the next day.