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  1. Great write up. Yeah I don't take unsuspecting people into Traps. It's way too much work getting the bikes back out!
  2. No you don't drop down and can't get out. The hills are relatively smooth so there isn't anything to get hurt on. There is a couple of obstacles in getting in. I think you would make it seeing you have been riding a long time. There is a easy way and a whole different way with flowing trails.
  3. Hum long live Maico!
  4. #Smoothoperator
  5. Might just be 5 minuets. First hill out of the sand wash.
  6. Hum how about not being able to get to The Snake Pit. I could bring Ronback, wrongtire Ron to duetem back to the truck.
  7. He ain't gonna make it. But he's got spunk.
  8. Wasn't Jack Penton even able to get a new Penton to last six days.
  9. Girls ride. 😳😆
  10. Ah no.
  11. Can't hide nothing from you!
  12. P.M. sent for a smooth flowing ride down the road at sometime.
  13. As long as it keeps coolant in the radiator it might be fine. I have had a bad hose from the radiator to the overflow tank so check that. Service the carb especially replace the pilot jet with a new one.
  14. I usually do as they say. A .49 looks close enough.
  15. Those aren't cheater tires as a M5b