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  1. If you pay shipping both ways I will remap your ECU for free, hate for you to sell a perfectly good bike. PM me if you're interested.
  2. If you haven't remapped your ECU you should give that a shot! For my woods bikes, I tone down the power delivery surges at the lower throttle settings but keep it strong at the 50%-100% throttle settings. Remapping can completely change the bike down low... Also, get a softer shock spring as you're likely running relatively low air fork pressures because of your light weight, so your bike balance is off, it's low/soft in the front, with that stock shock spring keeping the rear up.
  3. That is a no-loss chuck. No loss from behind the scrader, but the compressed air on the pump side has to escape upon disconnection. What you're experiencing is totally normal.
  4. Remove the 2 judder spring pieces and the short fiber plate associated with them, install a normal tall fiber plate in their place. That's usually cures any engagement throw issues.
  5. Ball bearings and bearing races are the opposite of soft. Keep looking!
  6. no Mx track to ride here this weekend, some sort of track sections you can ride. No typical open practice on a complete mx track. I can't make it but would be good to check it out for when the MX track opens.
  7. There's a very easy way to take care of your problem: remove the fork from the bike, loosen the cap, slide down the outer tube a bit, dump the oil, replace with the correct amount of new oil, tighten cap, install fork onto bike, go for a ride.
  8. White smoke = water, usually from a leaking head gasket. I would run a coolant pressure test. If no head gasket leaking, run a cylinder leakdown test.
  9. I sponsored a road race team with a 2014 EFI motor and the kid won the championship. When geared up on the countershaft, the mx gearbox spreads are perfect. If you find that you can use an EFI motor, or complete bike, shoot me a PM and I can help. He didn't have a mx bike chassis, some sort of tube chassis with fairing and all.
  10. Added weight just for show, I will pass...
  11. Connecticut

    I heard it wasn't too bad, jump face ruts and wet in the usual low places. It doesn't really matter as the place is fully under water, now, and will be for quite some time. Then it's gotta dry out... really sux
  12. stroker

    Perhaps, but a bad design, the kit demands the use of stacked base and/or head gaskets to gain the required clearance, hence the multiple gaskets. Did you read the installation instructions fully?
  13. https://508intl.com https://m.facebook.com/508intl
  14. The hub isn't wider where it mounts between the wheel spacers, so it'll seem like it physically fits, but the sprocket is 3.8mm to the left of the previous years...
  15. Only on my personal bikes with Ron's race motors. I think Honda has drilled that hole on all their TB plates, now, as OEM. It takes the adjuster out of the equation a bit, better flow down normal path, helps transients off-idle, just better.