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  1. Only on my personal bikes with Ron's race motors. I think Honda has drilled that hole on all their TB plates, now, as OEM. It takes the adjuster out of the equation a bit, better flow down normal path, helps transients off-idle, just better.
  2. http://lucasoil.com/products/fuel-treatments/lucas-fuel-treatment I put the recommended amount in my 5gal jug when I re-fuel it.
  3. Any update???
  4. Whole story just sounds odd. I know where there's a new 2015 if that helps...
  5. I think the guy either doesn't understand, or understands perfectly and is downplaying the change as it implies liability and/or forces distribution to cure an issue, i.e. recall. The base map was changed, we cannot change that, so therfore no "mapping" was changed. The map #2 and map #3 perfectly well could be exactly the same, but they are delta-maps to the base map, but "no mapping was changed" would be accurate in that sense, too. Spin on words.
  6. The forks are not compressed when packed in the metal Honda shipping crate. Maybe they were just leaking or the bike was tweaked a bit in a wipe out. Give her a good once over and start it when dead cold, should start easily.
  7. On the track I want as much low-end bark as I can get. I don't know how you guys can complain about riding in the pits. I can see a woods rider complaining. If anyone wants to send me their ECU I will remap it. and also remap it for free one more time if you pay shipping both ways.
  8. Use the stator side plug to set TDC, don't pull the spark plug and guess at TDC with a rod. It's the only way to get it exactly right.
  9. 0119 looks to be for 04-05 bikes, the 0194 is for 06-07 bikes. The retail prices of both are quite similar.
  10. There's an updated ECU that tones down the off-idle barking and kick-starting kickback with a different "main" map #1. If you don't have that updated ECU, demand one from your dealership. Only the #2 and #3 maps can be changed and they're all divergent from the primary map, #1, via the delta spark and fuel trims you set in the associated tables using this: http://www.hondaracingcorporation.com/product/crf450r/
  11. What map are you running? Did you try map #2 yet?
  12. Time Left: 22 days and 5 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    I have a brand new 2015 CRF250R motor available, complete with the entire fuel injection system, all wiring & sensors, ECU and even the fuel pump. $3,750 with the kickstart lever, shift lever, countershaft sprocket, throttle tube/assembly & cables, clutch perch/lever/cable. Also for sale is a complete Ron Hamp ported head/cam race motor package, 100% brand new. $3,000. I also have many new 2014+ OEM heads, cams, piston/ring sets, crankshafts, etc. of various prices, make offers. All of this will fit the 2010-2017 CRF250R motors. I have tons of other bike parts, just email me if you don't see it listed. misc.use8 at gmmaaiil dotcom


  13. Why clean it? I have never cleaned one because they don't get dirty on the inside. Just run some Lucas fuel treatment in your fuel and it'll clean the injector and keep pump strong.
  14. Of course! Pull the fast idle knob out and run it for a minute or two, until you can feel some heat in the top of the radiators, then you're good to go. 3min max is a good general rule.
  15. Don't run it. If you fix the chain guide the front sprocket will still be off the 3.8mm distance and you'll always be out of alignment. You're risking your health, life and livelihood, man.