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  1. Time Left: 29 days and 21 hours

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    A quad race team bought a bunch of these bikes just for the new motors and is selling the complete rolling chassis for $5,000 USD each plus any required shipping. The rolling chassis consists of the complete bike MINUS the following: - motor - electrical, wiring, sensors, ECU, throttle body w/injector - fuel pump Everything else is included. No trades misc.use8 attggeeemaildottccom


  2. EIX is all you should run.
  3. Time Left: 8 days and 3 hours

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    This was a spare stator and cover assembly that I just stumbled on in the shop. I believe it is from a 2012 and it should fit the 2010 - 2012 CRF250R bikes, only. The oil dispstick and oil filter retainer are also included, as shown, as are both locating dowels and even the gasket looks ok. It doesn't have much time on it if memory serves me correctly. It looks like someone scotchbrited the thing to either clean it or prep it for paint, but it's in great shape. $110, shipped, inside continental USA with PayPal payment, only, please. I will ship anywhere for slightly more. misc.use8 atgeeemaildotcommm


  4. Don't forget the kickstand!
  5. Also ask yourself "how'd the shim get out".
  6. Yep, brilliant move to save a little bit of money per bike...
  7. That appears to be the wrong actuator for your bike. Pushrod working side should be reversed from your "in the bike" pic. If you drop that actuation rod into the bike it cannot push the pushrod against the proper working surface, you can there's no wear on it. That broke because it's the wrong one.
  8. I could have sworn I did it years ago. I always use my trusty impact on that nut and on clutch center hub nut so I guess I shouldn't be giving advice, sorry.
  9. The gear it's in makes a HUGE difference! It's a leverage thing. If you leave it in 1st, you're likely feeling the rear brake slipping, not the clutch slipping. Your clutch shouldn't slip with only 47lb-ft of torque applied to it, that's about what the 450 motor makes at the crank. 5th gear affords the most leverage for the rear brake to hold, have someone sit on the bike and hold down the rear brake pedal while you tighten the flywheel nut.
  10. I think this would fine in 5th gear.
  11. I have found that the larger displacement bikes need more fuel added to the mapping. Not a ton for a 280 but a little goes a long way to aid in starting and overall operability and power generation. Have you pulled the plug to see if you are lean?
  12. hard to start with rough idle after a rebuild is usually cam timing off 1 tooth if valve clearances are ok. If you didn't screw with your TPS and the bike ran fine beforee the rebuild, the TPS likely didn't magically go bad. Be sure blue connector is in TPS and black connector is in MAP sensor. If you swapped them that could be an issue.
  13. Bad ring seal
  14. They're going to dual cams to make more power to beat the competition, but they're already beating the competition with a single cam motor... the motors the pros run are far from stock motors, especially the Hondas...
  15. Have the ECU remapped to tame the power, cheap and reversible.