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  1. I don't recall seeing that when I did mine but don't look for it specifically. I need to check it.
  2. I very much agree that I don't care for this push for a super low claimed weight at the expense of durability or removing components, ie the kickstarter. I know it's a key reason for the dinky fuel tanks, dinky oil capacity, plastic subframes...... I also believe pursuing the light ADV market with a revised 500 R-ADV (?) along the lines of what you suggested would be a good direction for the company. There is a growing demand and little to choose from. I see a lot of guys realizing that bigger is not better once the pavement ends plus a lot of aging riders looking for more manageable rides. The Japanese have given up on that market and even the Euros are only offering a couple options, at least here in the States. The SWM650 is really the only thing I see that's coming straight from the factory setup for that role. KTM/Husky seem to think you just want oversize dirt bikes with the 690/701 pair. KTM used to offer LC4 based ADV type bikes but seem to have given up on them. The Husky TE630 wasn't a bad bike to start from, hence the SWM650. Like many I grew up on 2-strokes cuz that was "dirt bikes" of the age. I later went 4-stroke when I started to dual sport and the typical 2-strokes weren't well suited to it. I did dual sport my KTM 300 and used that for some rides with minimal pavement. I love 2-strokes and would own another right now if it came with a plate. It's gotten really stupid here in Kommifornia that even in the forest you need a plate if you have to transition from trail to trail on a forest road. There are rangers out there giving tickets, I've seen it and been thankful for my license plate. I will not be restricted to riding designated OHV areas only so I require a street legal bike, period. I would absolutely love a street legal 300 2-stroke RR-S with a 3.5 gal tank, wide ratio trans, and preferably solid reliable FI/OI.
  3. Mmm..... a 300 RR-S (2-stroke) with solid FI/OI and plated. A dream come true ....... some day here in Kommifornia.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I think I'm going to try the MotoZ Desert H/T on the rear next. I'm still undecided about the front. I'm considering the matching MotoZ H/T on the front. The other tire I'd like to try on the front is a MT-21, never had one. I've got a D606 on there now and I'm remembering why I wasn't so keen on them before in the dirt. It needs to be "decent" on pavement. I ran a XCMH on the front of the DRZ for a bit, pretty good in softer stuff, less so on hard pack, and near scary on pavement.
  5. I have the G2 "tamer" and yes, being able to tune the response to your preference or needs is very cool. I am still getting used to the cam in the G2 but kinda think the one they are working on to be a "medium" version between stock and full "slow" (the current 700X cam for the EFI bikes) will be ideal. I love the initial ratio but think it could speed up a bit faster starting around 1/3 throttle instead of about the 1/2 throttle now. It works as is, you just need to learn to twist the grip faster to get a quicker hit when you need it. But overall I like it better than stock. So far.... no need for the laughing gas.....
  6. For me final gearing is all about what matches your most common riding conditions best. I don't see any one sprocket combo/ratio that's ideal for everybody. If you toss pavement riding into the mix then it becomes even more complicated. So you pick the best compromise for your conditions..... until one day we have a 7 speed gnarl single track to interstate transmission, LOL. I was just so happy to finally have a decent wide ratio 6 spd coming off a DRZ close ratio 5 spd. Talk about never ending sprocket changes..... For reference my "standard" gearing is now 15/50 with dropping to 14/50 for tighter riding. I've tried 14/48 and felt it was pretty good also. I haven't needed to go down to 13/? yet but it's in the box if needed.
  7. Ya, those Honda XR650L bikes are just not to popular and it's understandable, it's a dinosaur. Now the XR650R is another matter all together and quite a nice bike. Honda made the WRONG choice on which bike to keep selling. At least you moved on and made a good choice. I did the LA-Barstow-Vegas ride years ago. It's a pretty good ride but a bit of a logistics issue. You either get somebody to meet you in Vegas with a truck/trailer or your ride about 400 miles back. It's also on Thanksgiving weekend which makes it tough if you've got family stuff to do. The one time I did it my buddy's wife drove the truck out to Vegas and met us there.
  8. I like that idea! I've been trying to figure out where I might mount an overflow tank and that spot should be perfect. I almost forget it's there. I'm still waiting for temps to rise enough to really find out how the cooling system works under hot slow going conditions. Things are warming up around here so maybe in the next weekend or so.
  9. Can you give any more info or a link to that fan switch? It does seem to come on at a rather high temperature.
  10. I'm using the HifloFiltro filter. It looks identical to the OEM Beta filter that came out. I'm thinking the OEM is made by HifloFiltro. The OEM filter for my Husky 650 looks quite different than the HifloFiltro filter for that bike.
  11. Part of the fan not going on (well maybe once or twice) is temps haven't risen here yet to full summer time levels. So that might change as I encounter different conditions. I was kinda waiting to see how things worked out as the season progressed then judge if the high capacity water pump upgrade is warranted. In general I'm all about max cooling capacity then using a thermostat & fan to keep temps where they should be, so I'm rather keen on it in general. I'm quite interested in adding an overflow tank (just to be safe). Can you elaborate on what you did?
  12. It sounds like they are working on a inner hub to match the earlier Betas. It seems like MOX is pretty heavily into supporting the Betas. I see the issue though that the earlier bikes weren't imported over there so they don't have access to test bikes. So far I think all of the sprocket rings are steel. Both of the ones I have (48 & 50) are steel.
  13. I've tried 14/48 and 15/50. I'm currently running 15/50 as it's about the perfect compromise for most of my riding. 14/48 isn't bad at all. I decided to go with a 50T rear sprocket and run 15/50 most of the time and then when needed I'll drop the 14T on the front. I prefer to run larger diameter sprockets for both chain wear and keeping the chain away from the swingarm. You can play around with the ratios on gearingcommander.com There is data for the 500 RR-S bikes, you have to search Betamotor, then RR, then 500 S, it will show up as a 2017. The 430/500 have the same internal gearing, the 350/390 has a lower primary ratio.
  14. I was doing some service work on my Husky TR650 that has a stock OEM style cush drive. I weighed the cush drive assembly (everything including rubber cushion blocks with a 47T steel sprocket), it came out to 5.38 lbs about twice what the Mox cush sprocket weighs (2 lbs) over a bare aluminum sprocket.
  15. The Evans doesn't build pressure like the water based coolants do. I'm running the ZipTye XF2 waterless coolant and it never dribbles and it runs cool. I've rarely seen it even trigger the fan. I would be interested to know how much of a difference the high capacity water pump upgrade makes.