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  1. Someone prolly pooping in the bushes, would have been a long CRAPPY walk back to the truck...lol
  2. Keep in mind signature loans carry much higher interest than collateral loans. But none the less I agree its the best route if you are bent on financing vs paying cash.
  3. I use these: http://www.livetrap.com/images/category/3-1-cattraps.jpg Bullet to the head is quick and humane...
  4. Quick and humane? Have you ever been drowned before? Bet you wouldnt do it again...lol
  5. Since its already out, might as well take a look and see if its an easy fix. The white license plate lights are a separate "board" so its possible a lead wire broke/came un-soldered. The alternative is that you are a perfect candidate for the integrated board upgrade?
  6. Apparently its possible to form statistics on something there is zero record of...
  7. This is only a tail light, it doesnt have anything to do with the signals. There is a resister kit we offer that will go inline with the blinkers to slow them down. If you have an aftermarket integrated board in the light, this is not the link I supplied. That setup is WAAYYY more expensive.
  8. Here is just the light its self. If that is the only thing you need to order, put a note on the order like, "Give me free shipping, Justin said so". That will help the hurt you received from the other company and show you we mean bid'ness: https://www.thumpertalk.com/shop/DRC-MOTO-LED-EDGE-2-Tail-Light-DRC-Edge-2-p2006835410.html
  9. Dude, I get goosebumps just thinking of something trying to crawl in my ear, how the hell didnt that wake you up? LOL
  10. Call the TOE TRUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. In Cali?!?!?!?!? The hive mind of the global war to save the environment?!? Surely someone should be publicly executed for allowing such an environmental catastrophe of such epic proportions?!?!?!?
  12. The reason some are confused and think that the higher Kelvin temp lights are, "brighter" is 2 fold. Primarily the confusion arises from the thought that Kelvin Temp is proportional to brightness. In the human eye its actually INVERSELY PROPORTIONAL. Second, since the bluer colors, "stand out" more when reflected. This is actually due to the fact the brain is noticing a large amount of, "unnatural color balance". This is simply your brain saying, "thats unusually blueish" and isnt correlated with more light, but just more strangely than normal, "colored light". So again, if you desire, "pretty colors" and standing out in a crowd, go for the 6000k and higher Kelvin colors. If you want more visible light, in wavelengths the eye is much more sensitive too, dont go higher than 5000k or go with the majority of OEM car HID, Kelvins in the range of 3400k or so. The human eye has 3 types of color sensing cells, just like the colors of a Projection Television, Red, Green, Blue (referred to as RGB). Green appears brightest to humans as it stimulates 2 out of the 3 cell types. If you look at this graph image it makes more sense.
  13. As long as you understand you are choosing looks over performance. The human eye is not sensitive to blue spectrum and the closer you shift towards ultraviolet the less your eye is capable of sensing...
  14. Agreed, we are well aware, I was referring to being able to find the entrance of where we went in for recovery. Only issues we have ever had was risk of collapse. None of the mines we have explored had any air quality issues luckily...lol