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    I hope Reed is not finished, just purchased my official Chad Reed Cheer flag
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    I did that and hit a tree, it was six of us
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    You bought the cheap, Chinese knock-off. Here's the official 2017 version:
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    Grease is a tool used so universally around the world but remains somewhat of a mystery for many of the people who use it. Every motorcycle needs grease at some point and there are several different areas where it is applied. Although grease manufacturing is a somewhat complex process it is somewhat seen as an art and each company’s methods and exact formulas are different. This results in sometimes subtle but sometimes drastic differences in products. The basic formula for grease is this: base oil, thickener and additives. Base oils can be anything from petroleum to synthetic to plant based oils. There are several different commonly used thickeners. The most common types are lithium, aluminum and calcium sulfonate. The additives used are dependent on the type of grease and the purpose of the grease. Base Oil: The base oil composition of a grease will impart a few crucial properties: Table 1: Basic base oil comparison The reason synthetics are less versatile than non-synthetic base oils is because of synthetic types likes silicone and poly-alyklene glycol (PAG). These types of oil are usually only meant for very specific industrial applications and are unsuitable in many others, so care is needed when selecting grease to avoid these types of synthetics in many instances. With that same reason in mind, additive selection is also more limited with these alternative synthetic options. However, plant based oils are still generally less versatile due to the temperature constraints they are typically limited by to. Thickener: Different thickener types have different performance attributes distinct to each type. Here are the most common types of base grease thickeners used for multipurpose motorcycle greases. Lithium offers a good water resistance, heat tolerance and mechanical stability. It is currently the least expensive type of grease to make so it is very prevalent in the marketplace. The drawbacks of it compared to other types are that it is not completely waterproof and will accept moisture over time. Aluminum is practically waterproof but is more expensive to manufacture than lithium grease. It offers high temperature stability, but is slightly less mechanically stable than other types. Calcium sulfonate has excellent high temperature, low temperature and inherent properties that allow it to use fewer additives to obtain certain performance levels. Its water resistance is excellent and it is often compatible with other greases. The big drawback to calcium sulfonate is the price. It is typically much more expensive than either of the other two types to produce. A grease complex is a variation of the standard base grease that is possible to make with lithium and aluminum. Aluminum and lithium complex greases exhibit higher temperature limits and better mechanical stability than their uncomplexed counterparts. All three of the grease types listed are often compatible with one another up to around 25% contamination with one type and 75% of the other. Beyond that 3:1 ratio though, incompatibilities are more common and certain properties may be sacrificed if mixed. There are many other types of thickener types I haven’t mentioned but those are rarely, if ever, used for the types of greases commonly used for motorcycle. Additives: Common additives for greases include: anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, anti-wear and extreme pressure(EP) additives. Additional types are certainly used, but those are going to be found in a lot of greases with perhaps the exception of extreme pressure additives if the grease is not labeled as EP grease. One last fairly universal additive is dye. Most greases are dyed some color and many people believe these colors mean something. Let me be absolutely clear here so there is no confusion; THE COLOR DOES NOT MATTER. The colors are arbitrary and chosen by the manufacturer for aesthetics and nothing else. They may have their own standards and reasons for why they color certain grease a certain way, but it is not to conform to any industry standard. Grease Applications & Properties: Grease has some advantages over oil in certain applications. It can be applied in open areas without a sump or reservoir. It forms a significantly stronger physical barrier on a surface making it more suitable in extreme applications. It can utilize solid lubricants more effectively than liquids can. There are basically two types of greases commonly used in most motorcycles. They are assembly grease used during engine building or repairs and multipurpose greases for everything else. Multipurpose greases are usually good for bearings, axles, pivots and really any grease point on a bike. Assembly lubricants usually contain a high level of solid lubricants and provide lubrication to machine internals that are normally lubricated by oil or special applications that require a high content of solid additives. The purpose of assembly lubricants is to provide lubrication on parts that have never been exposed to engine or gear oil yet, so when the bike is started for the first time after maintenance; those parts have some protection before the regular lubricant begins circulating. These assembly greases are usually washed away by the oil and are removed from the system during subsequent oil changes. Another application for these products are areas such as final drives where a high content of solid additives can be beneficial for surface protection. Most grease points on motorcycles are fairly low load compared to more extreme grease applications in commercial applications. This means specialized grease is rarely needed and a single multipurpose grease is usually able to serve all of those grease points. They go into places that are open and exposed, high load or in places that oil films cannot be maintained. Bearings, axles and chassis linkages are common applications for these greases. They generally will provide extreme pressure protection and decent anti-wear protection. Because they form a physical barrier against water and oxygen, corrosion protection is inherently high, but this is also often boosted further by additives to protect against rust and corrosion. They should maintain a physical barrier to keep out moisture and dirt from these applications that would self destruct very quickly if contaminated. Grease does all of this through both physical and chemical means and there are a few key points to consider when choosing the right grease for your application. First and foremost is the grease consistency or hardness. This property for grease is just as important as the viscosity is for oil. Using an incorrect grease consistency can quickly result in part failure and under-lubrication. Grease is categorized into different grades by the National Lubricating Grease Institute (NLGI) scale based on a grease’s penetration test result. Grease penetration is a measurement of the depth at which a calibrated metal cone will penetrate into the surface of grease when dropped form a standard height. Penetration is represented in decimillimeters (tenths of a millimeter), and the penetration is often taken under two different conditions: worked and unworked. An unworked grease is fresh from the container and has never been used. A worked grease is one that has been put through mechanical stress to simulate usage. The purpose is to indicate the stability of the grease with regards to its consistency. Working grease is a standard process that involves a piston churning the grease a standard number of times using an instrument known as a grease worker. The standard method uses a plunger with 60 holes in it and it is pushed a pulled a total of 60 times in 1 minute. Figure 1: Mechanical Grease Worker (please imagine there are 60 holes in the piston face) After that minute, the grease is considered worked and can now be tested for NLGI consistency. The grades identify significant differences in the hardness or softness of greases. The simplest way I find to describe them is to compare them to common foods. Table 2: NLGI grades and consistencies. Another important property of grease is the base oil viscosity. During the manufacture of base grease, the ingredients of the thickener are mixed with oil. When the grease reaction takes place, that oil becomes part of that grease. Typically the higher viscosity the oil, the more heavy duty application it can withstand. However higher viscosity base oils usually limit the low temperature performance, so for general purpose grease, a base oil blend balanced for moderately high and low temperature performance is preferable. Assembly grease typically contains a high level of solid lubricant meant to withstand high pressure and remain in place in the absence of the regular lubricant that would normally protect the surface. The reason this regular lubricant needs replacing is usually because the machine is rebuilt and hasn’t had the oil circulation system running yet. These greases don’t need to have a very long usable lifespan since they are designed to be used up fairly quickly, washed away by the oil and removed by either a filter or through the next oil change. Therefore, anti-oxidation and long term stability are not key features for assembly lubricants. However, another application for assembly greases comes from the typical high level of solid lubricants. Since these solid lubricants will resist extreme loads there are applications in some bikes that call for a grease like this such as final drive shaft gears. Grease application is an aspect that a lot of people have difficulty with as well. I often see comments implying to just pump in as much grease as a bearing can hold and that is how much it should use. That advice is almost universally bad. Over-packing a bearing can lead to some very bad failures. Alternatively too little grease is also a problem for more obvious reasons; under-lubrication and all that goes with it being the biggest of them. You can read about the pitfalls of these mistakes and how to avoid them here. So I hope that gives you a good basic starting point to look at greases and you are now armed with the knowledge to at least ask the right questions when trying to choose between different brands of grease.
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    We didn't do it all today, but it's one story and it's taken me until today to recover enough to open my laptop up, so here goes... I loaded up the little Honda two weeks ago and rode down from Malaga, (southern Spain), via a ferry across the Straits of Gibraltar to Tangier, (Morocco). Due to the ferry being delayed 9 hours because of storms at sea we arrived in Africa at nearly midnight and past experience has taught me that it's unwise to ride there after dark, (many wild dogs in the road and even camels as you get further south!). This meant a 10 hour ride the next day to get to Midelt in time for signing-on for the 2017 Tuareg Rallye, http://www.tuareg-rallye.com The next 7 days consisted of 2,400km, (1,500 miles), of off-road racing in every condition imaginable; ice storms at the top of the Atlas, heat in the dunes of Erg Chebbi, narrow river canyons and wide open deserts. The last day was the longest, 620km, (385 miles), with a 04:20 wake up call to ensure we were at the start line by sunrise! The race was the toughest and most brutal thing I've ever done by far with many unable to finish because of mechanical failure or accidents. Despite coming off more than 30 times myself, with the associated damage that caused to the Honda, we made it to the finish where we collected a finishers medal and a totally unexpected "3rd in class". The fact that the Honda survived an event that destroyed far more exotic machinery, KTM 450's and even the spectacular KTM 450 RR, (KTM's 24,000 Euro desert rally bike, purpose designed for the Dakar Rally), is a testament to it's strength and durability. It only got one oil change and a clean air filter during the entire event, (spare Dunlop Geomax enduro tyres weren't needed), yet it started first go throughout and didn't miss a beat. Oh , and it was still keen during the 8 hour ride home after the rally finished, (which is more than can be said for me). ;-)
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    Been on the hunt for a clean 2007 CR250. Ended up finding a absolutely mint 07 15minutes from home. Bike has very low hours. Came from Arkansas, from the original owner.
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    And Dungey should thank Tomac for blowing out both shoulders. And for Villopoto breaking his femur then tearing his ACL. And Stewart should thank RC for retiring, who should thank MC for retiring. And Reed should thank Stewart for not racing the outdoors when he won also. In fact everyone should just thank RC for retiring haha. blah blah
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    That was the team Yamaha flag. They wave it every corner so reed knows which way to go.
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    Beautiful wife and at an age where having a family would be really sweet. Doesn't need money and doesn't need to prove anything. Been there, done that; he's a champion and always will be. Broken back last year threatened to end his storybook life. Could have easily been a quadriplegic disaster, maybe even Christopher Reeve bad. Without that burning desire, it's time to turn it over to the younger, faster guys and enjoy the next phase of life.
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    I'm just going to leave this here.
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    I think he fell asleep. Us old guys need our naps and sometimes we'll take them ANYWHERE
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    I'd ride the shít out of that, looks fun
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    The oil film that is coating all of the engine parts doesn't just suddenly disappear as soon as you start down a hill. The engine is also under zero load in that situation. Stop worrying about it, you aren't going to hurt anything by going downhill with the throttle closed.
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    Got out today for some solo trail maintenance. Beautiful bluebird skies and temps in the 50's & 60's. I lost count on how many times I dismounted and removed the chainsaw to use. It seemed like I was stopping every couple hundred feet... The bike definitely wanted to wheelie with the saw out back. In the end I had enough energy left to ride what I had just cleaned up. Sans saw. Bike & I were happy!
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    Damn Dude !!! no more posting till you win back your Avatar !! Slapping tongues is all i see.
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    Well DeCoster did say they figured something out during the long break... I believe it was ET is just damn faster then Dungey.
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    Tomac will wipe the red right off that KTM this weekend.
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    Picked up a little something for my 5 year old.
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    Hello, I had to track down my old password just so I could put your mind at ease. I am Journeyman Patternmaker. From the photos I am looking at this defect appears to be in a positive direction. In other words it "sticks out". Let me explain where this comes from. The mold is probably permanent mold or Iron, but is difficult to say without the case in front of me, the defect whether die cast or permanent mold looks the same. What you are looking at is the reverse image of a crack in the mold itself, the aluminum fills the mold crack as it enters the mold cavity, and leaves a positive image on the casting. You can just file it down smooth and all is good. This is very common and as a previous poster stated he sees them inside the cases. The Japanese are very good at foundry work. I am curious where this was cast. Anyway it was one of my jobs to repair these cracks in iron molds. It will not harm your bike in the least bit. As long as is sticking out. Just take a rat tail file and smooth them over if it bugs you. It is unfortunate that most people reading this will have no idea what a patternmaker is. Foundry work is on a slow death spiral in the United States.
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    [attachment=390082:20150426_191 I'm still here!! Been busy with riding n work but I try to stay caught up on my peeps here! Hope all are doing well!! Pics unload so enjoy!! Night night!! Sent from my VS987 using ThumperTalk mobile app
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    You have been spending far too much time reading forum post. The mikuni carb works pretty good when jetted properly. Its not the best but good enough. Get a JD jet kit, and check you float height. The lectron carbs aren't perfect either and tuning can still be required. The problem with the mikuni was the jetting was way off and the float level was to high on some carbs. The JD needles pretty much fixes the jetting issues . But some guys would rather keep trying the stock ones and bitch how mikuni works. I have a lectron on one of my bikes and its no better than a properly jetted Keihin or even the mikuni carbs. I got my 17 250xc over a week ago. Jetting from the factory was way to rich in the first1/4 throttle. Installed the jd kit, blue needle 3rd clip, 430 main 32.5 pilot. Took a 3 hour ride felt it was a little to rich down low. Went to a 30 pilot and that seemed to clean it up. Probably when the temps go up it will need a 27.5 pilot. How much have you ridden your bike?
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    You need to stick something in that bleeding gash of yours, it's making a mess all over the forum. What Reed did isn't any worse than how Musquin flew up on Dungey's ass, then mysteriously backed off.
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    When I was walking the pits I saw Reed. I told him that I have an avatar bet with a guy that hates him. He said he "understood" and that he would take care of me. Dude is a class act.
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    Heres some love for the YZ 250x. Been working and tweaking on this 16' to find the right setup. Its really close and I just wanted to share. Sorry for the shady, shiddy pics Cheers
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    She forgot the way of the donkey people! Until she saw the hill! The ride was coming to an end, we were riding a Nevada sandy and rocky wash which was absolutely bad ass.. herself truly was leading, then see came to stop because she thought she was in donkeyland. The canyon walls were the perfect amount of steep, no run, start in the sand, Dodge a few rocks and turn left straight up the wall for a nice hill climb that had zero tracks on it.. the entry was steep, I'm waiting for the other guys to show, the more I stare I realize this hill isn't possible as she doesn't have "the tire" on. The guys show, I tell them this is the only way out! Which is clearly not true. I take off, turn straight up and blast a rock Sending me off course wide open up this hill.. I backed off and turned around only see the women I was riding with tucking tail! I could hear there knees clanking against the seat of their bikes.. I knew then I found something special, and I wasn't going to leave without seeing the top of this hill. 2nd try, see misses all the rocks, 2nd gear, motors eating as hard as she eats, bike was going until she didn't want to go much more, pirellis don't like this stuff, her woman's training kicks in and before she lost all momentum and dug a trench like the anvil, she turned right to zig zag up the hill. High sided. 1/4 way up. She then remembered who she is and fired up the chainsaw put her in first gear and held her wide, she makes it to the top, she took the woman's ways to her own hill but she made it 😂😂 on the top of the hill she yelled towards the donkeys location (south) in victory.
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    Our sport has been sold out to a bunch of f'n idiots!
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    In case anyone is interested, I finally got the bike finished and plated....
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    Not shit, never been shit, never gonna be shit. I don't care if your in Dubai or your momma's basement. You lost the bet you broke ass welcher. Your name is mud here now. Called out and you ran with your tail tucked up you vag. I don't care about the $$, it's chump change to me. Now everyone here knows what you really are. A broke dick nobody.
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    Fly in "Dubai" I can't figure out why anyone gives a shit about that troll, ignore him and he will go away. There have been a lot of douchebags on TT since I've been here, Fly is the biggest, and just basically a loser. He talks a big game, but can't back it up. He should put up or shut up. I'd pay his debts if he would just crawl back into whatever hole he crawled out of. Rich kid...BS, he's so full of shit I can smell it from Michigan.
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    See, here we go again. I click reply and some weirdness happens. Grrrrrrrrrrr Well I survived the Stateline Supermoto Challenge in Primm NV. I raced 3 classes and came home with one first and sucked in the other two lmao. I raced Open GP (pavement only) and OMG there are some fast guys in that. I finished 6th out of 20 meh. Womens was fun as I just played and got 1st and OMG, Vet 45 was full of some insanely fast old guys. Me being to only woman lined up you would have thought they would give me some room HA. Was taken out in turn one on the start. I think I messed with their heads as I went from the 2nd row to battle for the hole shot but was taken out in turn one. Oh well, bike ws banged up and not rideable, ribs slammed and meh I did the walk of SHAME back to my pit. Once there (my pit) I tried to put my bike on the stand and could not even lift it due to pain in my rib area so a friend got it up on the stand and we tore into it to fix the 2 broken parts. Oh, I was pinned under the bike and hit a few times lol. But damn it, got a DNF for the heat. Back row for me About 2 hours later the main was lining up and sure enough, back row dead last spot so I just looked over and did the shoulder shrug of LAME. Light went green and I went for a crazy line on the outside and went from dead last to like 4th but got stood up and back to last. But I made from 18th to 13th when the ribs showed their injury issue lol. All in all a great race weekend. Now to drink and heal. See, Old women can rip
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    My friend painted me a 10th scale SC remote control truck body to match my bike
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    Marvin can't match Tomac's pace either, so yeah, there's that.
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    Dragged mine out of the garage, did first startup after complete rebuild and checked everything over. Then I put it in the trailer because I'm blowing off work tomorrow and riding!!!
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    Hi CRFThai Quite honestly the CRF250L shouldn't have been a contender, it was way out of it's depth amongst the fettled and supported KTMs that made up 90% of the entrants. And whilst I agree with the old adage that it's, "80% The rider - 20% The bike", I can't claim any great ability on a bike either. I only started riding off road 3 years ago and not that frequently, I've never entered any kind of motorbike event before and I'd probably class myself as a "below average" rider - I even managed to fall off in some sand in the bivouac car park What helped enormously is that it's a "roadbook rally", navigation is at least as important as outright speed; missed checkpoints or secret checkpoints give a 4 hour time penalty, "20kph in the right direction is much better than 120kph in the wrong direction". My navigation was pretty good, (apart from the first day when a GPS failure left me completely lost in the desert for an hour or so, but that's another story), and I was just fast enough to reach the checkpoints before the cut-off time on most occasions. I was in the Challenge class where the field was whittled down to only 4 finishers by the end, (one class only had 2 finishers!), so that helped with the 3rd place, but we rode the same routes as the Expert class and the little Honda set better times than a few of those entrants too. Things I've learned for future rallies that I didn't do this time: 1.) Use mousses not inner tubes. With inner tubes I had to slow down a lot through sections of sharp rocks because a single puncture would have caused me to time-out by the next checkpoint. None of the bigger bikes had problems with them melting on the road liason sections despite maintaining 120kph average speeds. 2.) Use an electrically wound roadbook holder. I crashed once while trying to roll my manual roadbook forward and often had to slow right down in rough sections to do it. An economy that I shouldn't have made. 3.) Fit a steering damper. It takes a lot of the fatigue out of riding in sand and stops the bars from kicking violently if you clip a big rock. 4.) Don't carry so many tools. I only had this pointed out to me on the last day but chain tools and an extensive tool kit make sense if you're out for a day on the trails, but in a rally anything beyond the most basic repairs will take you so long that you'll be timed-out anyway so you're better off just carrying basic tools, tape and tie-wraps, (lots of tie-wraps). If anything mechanically serious happens you'll get driven back on one of the sweeper vehicles and can then fix it properly in the bivouac that night, (or better still employ a service team and have them fix it for you). An incredible experience, I feel extremely lucky to have had the opportunity, and despite the expense, suffering, crashes and sometimes freezing conditions it was probably all worth it for just the pictured moment alone - racing through the desert with the helicopter flying alongside 20 metres away and 5 metres off the ground, for a moment I could almost believe I was in the Dakar rally ;-) Check out the event videos on https://www.youtube.com/user/rautenr
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    Reed impeded RD's progress every chance he had. He's a douche. I wish Dungey had bigger balls and stuffed that &%$#@! Reed. Obviously RD didn't want to take the chance of going down, he's losing the battle for a championship. Reed should have been black flagged.
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    I thing the flaggers were just Blue Crew members waiving on their hero.
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    After Dungey's being such a bitch in his interview after his heat, Chad should have just punted his ass in the main.
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    Nice cast, but be honest, Reed was being a bitch, as usual. He would have had his panties in a huge wad had that happened to him. Dick move, because he is a dick, regardless of last night. Very JS7 move.
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    Had the Golf GTI pimped today now boasting 260kw / 550nm ...Huge gains over the Stock 165kw / 350nm 👀😜......... 3 x upgrades to Intake ,Exhaust and Software....... 1)...Racingline Complete cold air intake with larger diameter piping.http://www.hp.net.au/hp/index.php/products/vehicles/vw/21/119/golf/racingline-r600-cold-air-intake-detail.., 2)...APR Software Upgrade.....http://www.goapr.com/products/ecu_upgrade_20tsi_gen3_mqb.html..... 3)...APR..Exhaust Upgrade....http://www.goapr.com/products/apr_exhaust_cast_downpipe_20t_mqb_fwd.html
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    Finally got some picts of the mini track I made on the vacant lot next door, which has a couple of small dirt piles to jump. Also the obstacle and jump I made out of an old loading dock. Haven't used the track enough to get any berms built up, but it is real sandy, so shouldn't take long. Oooops, couldn't upload from new computer. Have to redo picts.
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    Its amazing how a guy can be 3 on the all time win list have 7 national titles and have so many people be so much faster than him. But to answer your question, unless KTM is wiling to shell out a whole lot of bonius money, no he wont move over. Besides, if Dungey wants to win, he better pull his head out of his ass and start riding the way he did the past 3 years. I dont think Eli makes a mistake from here on out, to me, he has taken a page out of Dungeys book. Great starts, he takes what is given, he doesnt push to pass and is just riding the bike.