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    Word is that Jessy Nelson is moving toes and one of his legs which is incredible news. I hope he continues to gain movement.
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    What good do you think a helmet is without buckling it? I can't believe this is even something people do. Good way to thin the gene pool I suppose.
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    You couldn't pay me enough to go riding with those tards....
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    Early morning Father's Day ride with the boy
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    If only they would bring them back, cost of racing would drop in half, the bikes wouldn't be as dangerous, JS7 could make a come back, Ricky would return on a chariot, the skies would part & the seas would open.
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    If I was on an opposing team, I'd be behind the gate with my cell phone trying to hack into the YZ's and give them all like 10 horsepower .
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    Hey Mookie, Dean showed up to race in his Dad's Sprinter van, and a somewhat stock bike and EARNED a Factory Ride, just saying......
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    I had to adopt erik so I could ride today We meet at 6:00, ride at 6:30. From there we did not stop for more than a minute or two, said except for two separate poop breaks. I'm pretty sure erik took the adoption thing serious and was trying to collect his inheritance. We rode for 4 1/2 hours straight, single track and creating new trails. I am beat to a pulp.
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    My wife didn't come with one.
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    Check back in when he has the points lea...oh wait, he does. Carry on.
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    The De-Vine Intervention Ride Me texting: “Where are we riding this weekend?” Response: All I get in response is an address and a time. Wolf throws me a bone, and sends me a heads up: I took the "bald tire" a little bit too literally. Removed the wheel with the 50% m5b and put on the wheel with the junk 11 year old dunlop 952. It is LITERALLY the tire that came on the bike in 2006, and it's at about 50% too. Bad bad idea. Wolf also forgot to mention the other 3 sections: 1) The crazy number of downfall go arounds 2) The endless stumps hidden in grass 3) The poison oak. OMG the poison oak: We started with 6, but you already know The Anvil got scared and bailed out. That left 5 of us. Of the five I was the weakest link. I hate being the weakest link, I prefer to be the second weakest. You get more rest that way. I’d probably prefer to be 3rd weakest, but I’ve never been good enough to manage that feat. Here’s how the ride went: Rocks. Loose rocks. Switchback rocks. Creek. Dusty rocks. Trees down. Moving downed trees. Sawing thru downed trees. Lifting bikes over trees. Trying to ride over trees. Picking fallen bike back up. Repeatedly picking bike back up. Thank god a fire road section. Creek crossings. Poison oak. Trees down in creek. Wet feet. Poison oak in creek. Deep grass over trail Stumps hidden by grass. Logs hidden by grass. Toes smashed. Sandy hill. More downed trees. Running low on gas. Running low on water. Us: "Where’s Crème at?" Limey: "I thought he was with you guys" Us: "He was behind you. You are supposed to wait for the next guy." Limey: "My bad" Now we are really fudged. We don't have enough water to get back as it is, the 2 strokes don't have enough gas to get back as it is, and now we have to double back a few miles and a big climb to go search for Creme. As if on cue we hear a 2T in the distance. Crème appears out of thin air. More De-Vine intervention. Executioner hill. Creme cleans it first try. Takes me 4 tries. Thank god another fire road section. Hey look it’s the Executioner’s jeep! Get water from Executioner. Danmm it another creek. More poison oak. More loose rocks. Loose wet rocks. Loose wet poison oak. Rocks are getting bigger. Getting tired. Rocks are getting looser. Can’t stand on pegs anymore. Can’t maintain momentum over obstacles. Tipping over for no reason. Are we done yet? Bike getting much heavier. Thank god it’s the end of the rock section. Crème out of gas, but I’ve got some for him. Limey is no where to be found, we figure he’s 10 miles ahead and already cracking a beer open. 5 miles of whoops. Too tired to stand. Not a lot of skin left on my taint. 5 miles of fireroad. Switch to reserve just as we are rolling into the staging area. Limey is already changed into street clothes and beer’d up. He appears to be ready to do another loop. Collapse on picnic table. Sit in traffic. Back hurts. Neck hurts. Butt is raw. Hmmm I feel itchy. Mothafudgsonofa..... Spent 2 hours on Sunday scrubbing the bike and the riding gear to get the poison oak juice off of everything. I haven’t recovered from the last batch of poison oak, hopefully this time won’t be as bad. Stupid nature. I need to De-Vine my riding…
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    I think they should put the start gate IN the whoops!
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    I actually like working on dirt bikes. Some people garden, some people wrench.
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    Best way to spend fathers day right here. Sit in the shade, drink some beers and watch the kiddos spin around.
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    22 pages of Malcolm being lazy & without a ride. For god sake, these damn Stewarts get more coverage by not riding than they do riding.
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    There is a much more sophisticated clutch control system. It's a closed loop feedback system that uses a host of sensors to determine the existing traction conditions and apply exactly the right amount of clutch engagement. It can even look ahead to predict the upcoming clutch engagement requirements. It is integrated with throttle and braking control to create a completely seamless system that can adapt to any possible riding condition. This is unlike the rekluse which has a very simplistic mechanically controlled RPM based engagement system that engages exactly the same way regardless or conditions of requirements.
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    Yea, I hate when people do that....
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    If he does ever have a twinge of regret, which I doubt, he soothes it between By looking over at a wall full of championship trophies, feeling no aches from multiple injuries, and seeing a beautiful woman in his life that loves him for more than his racing achievements.
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    He's been doing too much of this lately:
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    You're funny! And, your time will be short lived. You just told a moderator to GTFO. You should tell me that... I own the place. Suggestion? Shut up a listen. You're getting info from guys with TONS of collective riding and wrenching knowledge. Don't let your ego shoot yourself in the foot and don't expect people to tell you what you want to hear or to coddle. Or, keep it up and you'll get the boot. Your choice. Hope you back 'er down a bit and listen.
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    Love gettin the bike dirty! Awesome day of riding for us here this past Friday. Found some super fun single track! And helped 3 dual sporters find their way to the campground they would spend the night. ] 18 years today married to this crazy fun man!! See....we do still ride the DRZ'S lol half in the picture! LoL
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    Here's my ride report from Saturday Week before, stressing about the last ride with Blacky @scb and Mike, where I hit the wall physically and mentally, basically begged for the easy way back mid ride. I'm hydrating all week. I know it won't help, I'm not in good physical shape to ride hard all day. These guys are though, and they're good, very good. Friday evening, I stop by gnc, buy coconut water mix and get a free sample of boost juice (steroids). Which later gets mixed into my camelpack. Bike gets prepped. Saturday morning, we meet for breakfast.. Blacky is hung over bad, I'm thinking good maybe she will ride like shit and I'll have an easy day! Mike is leading the ride as well, so for sure I'll have an easy day! Wrong Mike leads us straight into the woods, no trail, in search of the golden ticket. I'm riding laid back, log hopping is my thing, I'm also feeling good, really good sipping on my race elixir mix. Mike finally leads us to a potential trail, we are almost rat &%$#@!ed basically. Blacky doesn't seem to be feeling the tree trimming and bush wacking because it's her day off and she is hung.. I grab her saw and join mike in the deforestation. I feel great! I'll do extra work!! We find a way out, the girls need a rope and lots of pushing and pulling, 3 people per bike. My turn, get that tampon string outta here I'm riding my shit out like a real man! Till I couldnt, but I didn't need a rope as The Blacky grabbed my front wheel and helped. We take a break, by the time I found solid ground for my kickstand to float on the break was over.. these guys are athletes and are always go go go! We make our way to an epic bonus trail, no trolls in sight, some downfall, ruts, patches of snow, and the tree.. I am still feeling great, but have already refilled my 3 liter camelpack in the creek once, my boost juice is watered down now, I've now drank over a gallon of water. The tree is &%$#@!ed, huge can't go over, blocking the trail twice right in a switchback.. Blacky and Mike tractor up and around the tree, the m5bs ate it up. I look back at my tire, it's not an m5b, but it is at 2 psi. Well that 2 psi felt more like ahundred, I tried everything, couldn't go the way they went, and they were long gone.. it's getting hot, I'm suffering, struggling bad, frustrated because I know I'm better than this.. I change my plan, I'm going over the tree, I make it over, not cleanly, in fact I was has a psychotic episode and may have launched it over the tree.. I turn the switchback, the same damn tree is in the way. Fawk I'm an idiot, I forgot, I'm losing my mind, getting pissed, getting hotter.. I feel my body not responding well the the stress.. I get over the tree again, off the bike, lots of energy I'll never get back, but I don't get the the other side of the trail instead I land 10 feet on the down hill side.. I tried to find traction, can't, pirelli don't have that in mind when making this tire. I'm in full chaos mode, psychotically holding the throttle wide, pushing, never letting off, pushing, never letting off. She was inching forward trenching hard, little China men popping up from the deep holes I dug. Finally last inch, one last grunt, still holding her wide.. the 2 psi tire finds traction and Yanks me I try everything not to loop but it does, right onto my helmet I took off my boiling cherry tomato head. Mike was right there. Watching me. Called me 10k, for holding her at 10000 rpms. They don't know my mind was gone yet, I was really gone. My camel pack is empty now, my clutch won't disengage, I think I boiled the clutch fluid. Log hops coming up, can't pop the clutch, can't stop.. more energy I'll never get back.. We find a creek, I refill my 3 liter camelpack for the third time, now it's straight water. I haven't stopped sweating since the ride started, I know drinking water with no electrolytes I'll be done for.. I feel the leg cramps coming. I still go. We turned around on account of we don't have boats to cross the river.. we get back to the tree, the black goes down in the worst spot with no front brakes, forgot to mention the pads fell out in the beginning of the day.. he eats shit bad but is ok.. I'm waiting at the top, trying to cool off, I'm so hot, I can't think straight. I chug water, it's cold.. I gag, almost puked.. at this point I know I'm not ok, I'm really &%$#@!ed up, I say nothing, the guys had to know by my body language tho.. I keep going We get to a trail, I'm suffering, tunnel vision, nauseous, burning up.. I keep going, until I don't. I'm going to die right here. Helmet off, laying in the middle of the trail pouring the rest of my water on my head and neck, thinking I don't care if those guys don't find me. I'm at peace here. Nope, being the good guys they are, they come back for the Riddler.. upon arrival one says, uh oh heat stroke? Mike emptied his water on me. It worked after a few minutes, brought my core temp down enough that I could get back on the bike and keep going. Pavement, 65mph, wind.. aww never felt so good. I made it back, thanks guys. Sitting here now, forehead is burned, still feel sick, mind is cloudy and I'm just thinking about what I do to prepare myself better for the next ride, or will I even make it out alive?
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    TT has a few distinct groups of members. Many are people who are too young to drive a car but they can have a dirt bike. Many of these people sell the bike at about age 17 to get a car or overly lifted pickup. A few, really love riding and continue. The next group is the guys that rode before they got the drivers license, now making enough money for fun stuff and buy a bike. Still, you have the diehards who have been riding every day since age six. Then you get the 40+ guys, mid life crisis types. They ride a few times, way over their head, have a bad crash and post pictures of shattered clavicles. They also have the classified ad 'Fully worked 450 MX bike, never raced, dropped once....' In all the groups, you have the know it all, that is actually clueless but convinced they know what they are talking about. They end up blowing the bike up, convinced X brand is garbage and never willing to admit they messed up. You have the smart guys that learn, grow and are a real asset to the community. Then we have the guy that thinks he is a pro racer and wants to know if he can ride with a broken spoke and if shimming the valves for the fifth time is 'OK'. Most of the guys 99% on TT are good people. Some stick around, others move on to other pursuits. Like with everything in life, it is usually the problems (jerks) that people remember, not the good ones. TT moderating staff try to maintain order. Half the time, people get mad at us. Half the time we are thanked. The moderating staff are well aware of that Recluse thread and working on it. Funny you mention the age thing. I've found, some of the most courteous and decent people are the 14 YO kids (who behave like an adult) and the real jerks are the 40 year olds (who behave like bratty babies). Another interesting thing is how things are month by month (seasonally) A lot of younger users at the end of June and all summer (school out). Every spring is is the 'my bike will not start' crowd that fail to take care of things (I just fired up my hand push lawn mower, last run in August, first pull, fired right up. I bought it in 1981). The fall is all about putting the bike away. December is Christmas money and 'why won't my over priced bike sell, I have to buy fuel for my lifted F350 P/U.'
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    I just can't seem to keep this silly bike off of the rocks. It's like owning a 300cc goat!
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    People have been racing steel frames for decades, has nothing to do with anything. Less flex is better. Considering that steel frames currently lead the points chase in the AMA 450 class, 250 class, the MXGP MX1 class and the MX2 class, one might ask how is the aluminum frame working out for others.
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    Lawyers are very expensive... Tracks don't make much money... We all make mistakes... MX is dangerous and expensive... Move on with life...
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    Yamaha's sales success proves that pro racing doesn't sell bikes. They have what the average local racer wants. Good suspension, reliability and predictable handling Until Yamaha screws with the reliability and shits on the suspension people will be buying
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    Had a great time today! Good event!
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    Not to be confused with "the Couch", the Stewart's training facility.
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    If this is a weak field, and the racing is this exciting, I sure hope the field stays weak forever!!!
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    Starting to work on all my photo and vids from my trip. Started with a slideshow of the trip
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    you're the real life Napoleon Dynamite!!!!!!
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    Fry, I don't know, but I'm thinking there might be a little man-crush going on here. Here is my favorite Blake Baggett moment:
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    Barcia is on a Suzuki, he ain't magically faster... And neither would Webb. They expect they should be front runners but they aren't, so it's much easier to blame the bike... Same deal with JS7, blames the bike and gets on a Suzuki, nothing changed...
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    Great sound, I miss that so much. And the smell. Wednesday and Friday night races on my '83 and '84 YZ125's back in high school were some of my best memories, ever.
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    I use bacon. Dries clear, sort of. No fling. Oring and environmentally friendly. I know some guys will just ziptie some fatback to the swingarm and it acts as autolube, but I prefer to hand rub it.
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    Pretty sure you signed an AMA waiver when you drove onto the property. It's a sport that involves certain risks. It was a bad situation. Mistakes were made. You should be first concerned with working with the AMA officials at the track to ensure for safety reasons it doesn't happen again. Threatening to sue or even suggesting that they owe you money is a good way to help kill the sport. I raced a forumula car in the SCCA. I've seen people make mistakes that resulted in a $40,000 car being destroyed. The owner/driver of that car didn't try to get damages from the other racer who accidentally pushed him off that track. That would be nuts. Likewise I've had my car damaged by others who were at fault. They got into a corner too hot or whatever. That's the risk of racing. We all accept it. If you can't afford to replace it, you shouldn't be racing it. Period. And talking about getting lawyers involved over a $63 part is simply juvenile. Doc
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    So my Dad isnt doing so well these days and due to that he has been going through all his old boxed up keepsakes. Today he gave me this , I had no idea he bought a bike at 17. He couldnt remember the make but it was a 250 cc something. Made my day.
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    No way, he's making a come back with those battery bikes. He's just waiting for them to finish charging.
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    Couldn't wait to start your own thread, huh? This much fixation on hating a brand is indicative of deep seated mental issues. But hey, you guys will get Barcia! Lmao!
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    Let's keep this on topic boys. Remember, Martin's bike is a "turtle"
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    Springtime riding yesterday above the SF Boise River in SW Idaho.
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    We can have our own TT Forum Tire Shootout Test! Everyone gets assigned a tire to buy and mount up. Then we do 3 back to back weekends at DL (soft), Purgatory (rocks), then Big Bear (dual sport ride). **Since it's my idea I get to test the m5b. Everyone else gets whatever tire Ballistic likes best.
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    We all have a "speed." Tomac's is just interplanetary fast. It's difficult to ride at a different pace. I imagine Eli is comfortable at a certain speed, so slowing down to please TT Pro readers probably isn't a big priority to him. After years of battling hard with Bagget, Roczen and even Barcia in the 250 class, he still doesn't quite believe backing down is really an option. To me, he looked really patient last weekend while working through the (slower) field. He's a good young man with amazing ability. He's come back from terrible injuries to be the dominantly fast rider in the premier 450 class. He has earned my respect, and I hope he has a successful MX season. I can't think of a more deserving rider.
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    According to the photographers over at Vital these guys were being total &%$#@! towards Marvin's wife when she walked by. It's one thing to roust up the riders a little but leave the wives out of it. They look the part of some real dumbasses anyway.