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2006 TRX 450ER Problems

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So recently I picked up a 2006 Trx 450ER from a friend of a friend. When I picked it up it would run but not idle he told me it had been sitting for about a year. since then I replaced the plug changed the fluids and the starter clutch and cleaned out the Carb and jets are spotless along with whole top side of the motor. Next my friend and I took apart the cover and found the intake valve to be super tight, We reshimmed it and put it back together. Now the Bike will sputter on for about 1-2 seconds but will not start. Gets a clean spark and Fuel and has compression. We rechecked the timing and its spot on. at this point dont really know what else to check and I'm about to remove the head.

any advice would be appreciated

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So when you bought it, it would start just not idle correct? You adjusted the valves now it wont start? Are you sure your in time. Not calling you out just very easy to get them out. I always take the plug out and drop a screw driver down the hole to ensure i am at TDC when my mark says i am. Then be sure your cam lobes are at about 2 oclock roughly. Gettin them 180 out seems to be acommon mistake. And the decompressor arm should be set at valve lash +.006 (should be around .017) not .025 like the CRF.

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