Indiana Harescrambles AMA Disctrict 15?


My 13 yr old son raced a few harescrambles last year on his KX85. He loves it and we would like to take it a little more seriously this coming year. I'm having trouble understanding when and where the all the races will be in 2013. It appears AMA district 15 no longer organizes harescrambles. Is that correct?

We raced at Stoney Lonesome in Columbus, IN last year. They have a website and keep their schedule up to date although the 2013 schedule is not out yet. What is the best way to find all the coming races? Last fall I spent a fair amount of time goole searching and watching IXCR and other websites. Is there a better way?


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It took me a whole season to sort of all of the series here in Indiana. I do not believe IXCR is AMA sanctioned, therefore will not show up on the D15 race listing. Also, it might be a little early for the series to release race dates and locations. I'd look for schedules to come out in January or early February.

MAXC, MWXC, and IXCR are the main Indiana harescramble series. MAXC was AMA but not sure about their current status. I race the MWXC series. Most of its races are in the west/central area of Indiana. IXCR is mostly held in central/southern Indiana.

I race any Indiana HS I can possibly make. The politics of the whole AMA/District 15 thing are disappointing as I really liked having the races liked together as a whole. Anyway, IndyRider is correct and about all you can do is go to their respective websites. All the series have their pros and cons based on whatever your agenda is. The different series tend to have slightly different track set up styles and crowds that just kind of click for different riders. i.e. I love GNCC's so I gravitate toward those type of layouts which is probably IXCR. You'll probably want to attend a few of each to see how it works. Typically I think the MAXC series is typically the most competitive and well run (except for starting on time). The one thing about the MAXC series I really appreciate is that when riders make comments or suggestions for improvement they don't fall on deaf ears and if there is some validity than many times you see changes. Track layout has been one of those for the better. I also have come to really like the IXCR series, the single most reason is that if you register online prior to the race at race day your sign up time is likely less than 5 minutes.

Many times the bottom line for me is simply location. IXCR has run several in SE IN almost to Cinci which for me is a little far to travel for a local race. One final thing to look at is most of the clubs have been doing a great job of securing new land for races which is great! Nothing like virgin trail. But be warned, if it is a mudder most of these new facilities parking areas will be a disaster and the virgin trails when wet can be a handful. That's why places like Stoney even when very wet can be rideable because they know how to work around it and the trail is so ridden in it's usually not bottomless.

Stoney is the stand alone series that is a trick bag for me. It doesn't suit my riding style and I hate the fact that I don't believe I've ever raced there and not gotten off course somehow due to so many trails. But Stoney is the only series IMO that really knows how to put on a race. They sound check, they always start on time, and they always get results up right away. It's not my favorite place to race but it can be good and I think their youth races are very good.

Keep on working it and you'll find a mix of races that works for you. So unless you're a points hound just pick and choose and be thankful that Indiana seems to have a lot going on in HS.

Thanks for all the good comments. We're learning a lot for sure. We like Stoney because it's close and as you say consistent. It's easy to plan for the day if you know for sure what the schedule will be in advance. Everyone there has been extremely nice as well. Some of the other's I tried to follow made some changes during the season that threw us off.

I'm hoping my son will want to make a points run (do all races) at Stoney and make a few others within reasonable distance. He seems to get nervous anywhere but Stoney now because of the new and different factor. I do the same when I trail ride in a new location so I can relate. I would like for us both to get past that and have fun anywhere.

It just takes racing quite a bit to get over being nervous about different locals etc. My only suggestion is to try and keep it as light and fun for your kid. After all, isn't that what it all about? If he just likes Stoney then so be it as long as he's having fun. Good luck!

hey John when are you going to race? You would be in the senior class with me.


I won't be racing. Just my oldest son. I'm afraid I'll tear up something including myself. Ha.

We're at least doing the Stoney races. Maybe we'll see you there.


I won't be racing. Just my oldest son. I'm afraid I'll tear up something including myself. Ha.

We're at least doing the Stoney races. Maybe we'll see you there.


IXCR is having a 6 hour 3 man team race in Casey IL, this summer we should do it I can find another rider

Here are all the Indiana Hare Scrambles. CLICK HERE

Dude that's perfect! That's exactly what I was hoping for. Thanks

Dude that's perfect! That's exactly what I was hoping for. Thanks

No problem hope to see you at a few events. Let us know which series you choose fellow Hoosier.

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