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Picher, OK

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Anyone ever been to the chat piles around picher, OK? I know the government says no trespassing. I drove all over there today, and I saw tracks everywhere. Anyone every been there? Looks like a blast. could get some serious air time!

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I drive by there often too and I would suggest not... heard many a story about them crusting over and then swallowing your bike whole (probably just an old wives tale) The main reason i wouldn't though is because of the lead poisoning, isnt that the whole reason its a ghost town? plus i wouldn't want the to get caught by the Gov. and get my bikes seized, just bein a party pooper but thats my two cents!

Plus your not that far from little sahara? just head down there?

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    • By MPSRT
      Just got my 17 yz250 after being off a bike for 12 years already took it out a few times to some public land, mostly trails and Ive been to lafferty in Elgin Ok. Looking for some people to go riding and learn with. Im at Ft Sill so if your down to go out riding this saterday let me know.
    • By lftdjeep426
      Hey guys,
      I moved to Florida about 3 years ago and the wife and I are driving home for the holidays with the bikes in tow. I'm already planning on riding with a few guys in Stillwater on Monday the 21st and plan to ride the Okmulgee MX track probably that Tuesday or Wednesday. If any of you are around and want to come out and ride the more the merrier.
      I haven't ridden back home in a while, so if there are any new places to ride that I don't know of let me know, I'd love to hit a few new spots while we're home. We'll be there until the 30th.
      918.261.9770 (still have a OK cell)
    • By OkieMike
      Just checkin in to see if there are any active Oklahomans on here. I just started riding about 9 months ago, mostly trails, but I would like to try some MX tracks too. I live in the NE (Pryor), near the Kerr/GRDA/Lake Hudson ORV. I mostly ride alone, so if anyone wants to ride or knows of any good places hit me up!
    • By drain plug
      Looking for open track or CC near these two areas?
    • By pixelmonkey380
      Oklahoma track closing!
      I'm passing along some information from a motorcycle forum in Oklahoma. Sounds kinda crappy for what the guy is doing!
      Back on March 14th of last year this guy (Shane Simon) from Kansas came down to ride my track and ended up getting hit by another rider and broke his femur. This Saturday I received a summons, he is suing me for not having hay bales dividing the track. He did sign a waver and I do have insurance but if any one on here is a lawyer or knows one who could help me out, PLEASE let me know! FYI all track owners he is still riding, I looked him up on facebook and he was riding on Jan. 17th of this month. Unfortunately because of this I am considering closing the track, which is sad, I don't want to do it. I don't make any money doing this and I have put a lot of hard work, time and money in to this just for the enjoyment of others, and so this is my pay back. I do feel bad for the guy I am sure he hurt and was off of work for a while but he wasn't responsible enough to have any type of health insurance so I guess it's my job to take care of him, pay his car payment, dirt bike payment, house payment, medical bills and whatever else the $10,000.00 plus he is suing me for will cover. I didn't even cut even on the track last year much less make enough to do this. Suggestions, advice, sympathy, I will take it! Thank you all!
      just sharing the info!