Staintune header for the XR600

Thought I'd post some info I just came onto. Staintune DOES still make a header pipe for the XR600, but it is not kept in stock in the US. The importer is CBT Imports up near San Jose. Their website is:

They have a list of their dealers, but will sell directly to you if you have a problem.

The header for the 600 does in fact have the bolt holes to accept the stock heat guard. List retail price is $249, but my local guy is going to sell it to me for $225. (The stock rust-prone header costs $224 by comparison) Because it is ordered in from Australia, it takes 4-6 weeks for delivery.

That's good to know, and cool that the heat shield will fit (my riding pants thank you). Let us know how it runs, fits and holds up. :)

I live in Phoenix, you too? The dealer I ordered from is Pipe City in Mesa. Tel: 480-632-2700

My wife says no more goodies until after Christmas :D but it's good to hear of a local source for the header.

I live in Flagstaff, maybe we could hook up for a ride sometime. :)

Sounds good. I saw your pics from Sunset Crater. Is there some good riding there? I saw recently in the news that they are going to put in more hiking trails there and give it some sort of protected designation.



The pics are from the Cinder Hills OHV area that is located next to Sunset Crater Natl Monument. It's a pretty unique riding area with soft volcanic terrain with some monster hills to climb. Some of the trails are pretty whooped out. It's kinda cold right now since the staging areas are all at about 7000' elevation. Come up in the summer to cool off. Some pretty good woods riding around too, but need a license plate to link it together. I usually ride at HAyfield Draw in the winter, near Cottonwood (about 75 minutes from Bell Rd and I-17).


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