What is Reasonable Price for WR450?

Well let me try that again---ok attached is a pic of the WR450 finally. And wouldn't you know my cell phone only takes beer goggle photos. Blurry or not you can see those fried decals on the tank, but of course it does not affect performance lol.

I did find one thing needing attention, that is the weep hole leak under the water pump. I ordered the two seals a couple weeks back but have not had time or weather to get to it. Hopefully it is not the pump shaft that is messed up. Any quick tips on a reinstall? Assuming all I have to do is drain coolant and pop off pump cover without removing exhaust header...assuming.

Oh, I sold off the YZ250F the other day...took it out on the trails and it about beat me to death. Obviously it is set for a track and I am on boulders...so rather than sink a fortune into it, it has been set free. I am a bit curious about the handling of an older WR250 though.


Quite often the water pump shaft does have a groove worn into it, and needs replacement. There is an aftermarket one that is chrome hardened, CV4 perhaps? Do a search and it should come up.

I had a friend bring over a Honda generator because his son removed the spark plug without using a spark plug socket, so as bad luck would have it, the plug slipped out of the socket and fell through a poorly-designed little opening, right into the flywheel area. What a pain---we had to disassemble quite the darn thing to get in there and gain access to that plug.

BUT, as he was leaving he asked if I needed help on anything...so I mentioned my water pump leak. We replaced the seals and now no more coolant is coming out the weep hole. The shaft only needed a light cleanup. So after starting it up, I noticed coolant is coming out from the other side of the bike...it looks like it may be coming out of the hose that exits the frame. It was late and cold by the time I saw this and I am wondering if it is simple as a worn out hose, or are there some known demons lurking in that junction?

Are you talking about the valve cover breather hose? If so, this is normal.

Are you talking about the valve cover breather hose? If so, this is normal.

Not coming from there...it is where the frame comes down between the two radiator halves...there is an exit hose for oil that goes into the motor, and an exit hose for coolant that goes...well somewhere else. That exit hose for coolant appears to be leaking. I took off the old hose clamp, wriggled the hose around some and put a wider hose clamp back on and will test it once I can get home before dark. Hopefully it was just the hose clamp because it is one of those special hoses that has a metal hose coming out of one end.

Are you talking about the valve cover breather hose? If so, this is normal.

Ok, went out this evening and cranked it up...I left it on choke awhile as it was 35 degrees out. Seemed like the motor would not warm up for a long time...then finally let it idle for awhile longer on the stand. After several minutes it started dripping out the middle. It was not coming from that hose like I thought, but it was dripping from further above that hose junction onto it. To best describe where I see the fluid, it is behind the upper plastic skid plate where the two hose clamps hold on the oil and coolant hoses. Could I be guilty of letting it idle too long and it just boiled, then as you said it is coming out of a breather?

Without air flowing thru those radiators, it doesn't take long at all for your engine to reach full temp. It's a possibility, that's for sure.

Took the WR on its first real test ride this past Sunday...got to stretch its legs at a club ride day...lots of tight single track. Being that this bike is new to me, I did not take the full long loop with it as I did not want to find out several miles in that something was up. So I ran it around a small part of the loop several times and it performed pretty well. I did notice after the first small loop, when I stopped back at the parking area the bike was dripping a bit of radiator fluid. Assuming this is because it was filled to the top and needed to belch out some of that. After the second small loop I did not see it belching any more radiator fluid.

This is a powerful bike. I do not know if it has been uncorked or not...not sure how to tell to be honest. But it seemed to have enough power for now anyway. It is pretty plush but think maybe it can be a bit more plush...my old 2002 YZ426F is still the most plush bike I have ever ridden to date. Bought that old 426 used so figuring the prior owner dialed the suspension like a marshmallow.

I did notice last night when I gave it a quick start and stop of the motor, it popped out one tiny drop of radiator fluid. I have no other leaks so maybe it is still equalizing or something was still in the tube?? Anyway, the water pump seals are holding fine from the replacement the other day. Going to take it out for some serious rock/hill stuff soon and will know for sure if it is going to hold together.

Without air flowing thru those radiators, it doesn't take long at all for your engine to reach full temp. It's a possibility, that's for sure.

Was looking though this thread and thought I had responded before but apparently not----the leaking was apparently coming from the overflow breather tube as you said. It is becoming less and less as the fluid is seeking its happy level...I suppose very soon it will be done leaking any drops at all. I popped the radiator cap and it is just a bit below full...I heard/read somewhere you do not need to fill these up to the very top.

Yes, it will find it's own fill level in the radiator. It sounds like everything is good to go!!

Yes, it will find it's own fill level in the radiator. It sounds like everything is good to go!!

Have one quick one...it runs good and clean, but when you let off the gas there is a very small backfire. It only does one backfire pop when letting of but it is consistent and happens every time the throttle is released. Since it is at the lowest rpm when it occurs, would this possibly mean it could simply be adjusted via the fuel screw, or do I qualify for the joy of digging deeper?

Quite possibly you can adjust it with the air/fuel screw. Or perhaps your hot-start is slightly hung open? I doubt it, but it's worth making sure you have some free play in the cable/lever.

Ok, will check the hot start..it appears to move via the lever very easily but you never know. The fuel screw is dang hard to access for sure, I have one of those long 90 degree motionpro screwdrivers and still cannot seem to get any movement on the fuel screw...ugh. Supposing if I do get that screw to move, I think I need to open it just a tad counterclockwise to allow more fuel at idle to avoid the lean popping right?

Yes, open it a touch by going counter-clockwise. Most of us replace the stock, nearly un-reachable fuel screw with an aftermarket one that you can reach by hand.

I noticed the silencer is starting to melt through my right side cover panel. There is a piece welded onto one left side of the silencer (on left as you look at it mounted on the bike) but there is nothing on the right part, so right leg pressure on the plastic side cover panel causes it to make contact with the silencer. It has just about melted through but not yet...hoping to stop it before it does.

I was trying to google this and some said use a metallic heat resistant tape on the muffler, but not sure if there is a better fix---seems like any tape substance will create another issue perhaps. Was thinking of experimenting with a hose clamp and piece of rubber to create a spacer. Curious if anyone has dealt with this.

I can post up a pic if needed to better explain.

Your silencer should not be that close. Something is mounted wrong.

Ye they are a great bike i am 15 and about 6 2 and fit the bike perfect i go trail riding with my bike the only downside is that i am only 15 so can get a little heavy but other than that a great bike i brought a 2006 wr450f with road kit and about 1k of other parts like a safari tank and paid 2k for it 

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