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anyone run michelin M12/S12 ?

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My tire experiences, in order of usage -

Michelin S-12

**Durability - you won't find a tire that lasts longer. Tread is ultra hard (to DIG into the soft terrain.)

**Traction - first tire I ran on, bought it cause was told would last a long time. At the time, I felt traction was OK, but what to compare to?????

Bridgestone M78

**Durability - got about half the riding as opposed to the S-12, as compound is softer.

**Traction - MUCH better than S-12. Loved it, still my favorite.

Bridgestong M58 (in California, and a few times back here)

** Durability - lasted longer than Stock M78 on my 520.

**Traction - Spun out easier, tougher to hook up on hard stuff, but was an OK tire. I'd buy an M78 first.

Michelin StarCross (Inter compound)

**Durability - Excellent so far. 3 Hare Scrambles on it (6 hours), on hard stuff and rocks, the 520 has rounded the edges, but thats about it. IS showing wear though.

**Traction - Still not as nice as M78. Better than M58.

My NEXT TIRE?? - Bridgestone M78 And I think it will be from now on.

I've never run a Dunlop , my dad has, and he feels the M78 hooked up just as good as what was on his 426 when he bought it used. I am not sure what # it was, but a 752 sounds about right.

He has a S-12 back on now as I had one here, but he won't buy another after this one burns up, as he has run the M78, and the Dunlop.

If you want a tire to last FOREVER, go S-12, otherwise, unless you desert riding or clay mud riding, I'd go M58 or M78 still. I understand the M78 is being phased out, replaced by new model #, so I may hoard them!! grin.gif


'01 KTM 520 SX

'95 KX 250 FOR SALE!!! -asking $2000 with decent amount of plastics/decals, parts!!

AMA Dist 6 Member

Hare Scramble Class B #523

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Originally posted by hempking:

Does anyone on the east coast run Michelin M12 front and S12 rear combo?

What size rear do you use?

How is durability and traction?

I now use dunlop 752s, how do they compare?

The m-12 fr / s-12 r is by far the best combo of the Mich.

I have tried combos of both f/r over the last race season and have found no one to disagree.

I absolutly love the Mich.'s

Last very long.

have to be careful with the s12 r if you are in loose rocky stuff but i think that is with any tire.

The M12 rear is garbage.

slick.....feels like an ice skate.

the s12 f is ok but washy on the hardpack.

the m12 f and s12 r is the best combo and i have been on Mich for two yrs exclusivly!

They hve the BIB program here so they pay me to win! (with their tirs on)

1st 50

2nd 40

3rd 30 $$$$$$$$$ etc etc

havent bought a tire for two yrs.

do a search on BIB BUCKS or Michelin and you will find many positive posts!

heard rocky mtn has them for 50bucks


They HUCK the big ones!


Nope BOY, That's not THUNDER ridin your butt, It is a whole damn HURRICANE!!!!G4

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