WR450 2 trac -- 2wd wr450

Anyone see the pics and info in the latest CycleNews? yeah, the Paris show. Yamaha is building a 2wd wr450! Cost is $3500 on top of the WR, but you get ohlins suspension and the 2 trac system. Reading how it works, it is hydraulics through a vane setup in the hub of the front wheel. It can transfer up to 15% power to the front wheel.

Sounds cool! Wonder if we will see a test in a magazine. It is a short read about it, but definately cool!

Yeah I red an article on it like a year ago. I have a pic of it in the desert as my wall paper on my desktop at work. It should be a great desert bike. I dont think it will be a good tight woods bike though.

I bet it is great in the deep mud too! :)

I don't want ot be around when somebody really gets that thing stuck with both wheels digging in a mud rut :D :D :D :D :)


here's an article with some more info and pics of the bike.

I'm more into motocross but i think that would be crazy awsome to go playaround with that bike in some sand.

*edit* sorry i don't know how to get the link to go straight to the article, but just scroll down, right now it's the third one down.

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