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report from the piglet fest

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Report from the piglet fest , Friday; the wind was calm in the early

day towards evening is was

windy. Good thing we put up I think 250' of tarp wall that Bruce

bought . That kinda stopped the

wind. Bruce & Gene showed up about 9am I stopped by around 10:30

before going home for the

trailer load of bikes & stuff. We unloaded everything & set up camp

sure was easy having all the

help unloading . After that we went for a small ride just so I could

say I road on Friday like Gene

& Bruce . Friday night we all went over to the church for fun &

games Gene & Bruce had the

most fun of all playing all the games and stuff. Everyone received a

big bag of candy & a flash

light when the left the church. (Bruce donated all the flash lights

and most of the candy for the


Saturday; we went riding around the area over to the sand hill and

then down to Desert Hot

Springs & back we would stop by my house on the way for gas .Gene was

the only guy who tried

to clime one of the hill climes down in the canyon , these things are

real wild maybe some day I

will have the nerve as Gene to clime a hill that I know I cant

make .Saturday night we had a

another bon fire (we where burning pallets and the kids where making

forts & houses out of them

) well it was time to burn the fort with a little help from a few

gallons? Of gas . Bruce lit up the

fort Wow this thing was hot then all the kids wanted to ride around

because it was now daylight

for a few hundred feet around us . (remember we are out on a lake bed

with nothing to burn for a

long ways and no wind) We did get the Fire Dept out to check us out .

The kids liked all the


Sunday; we went for another ride in the hills around the dry lake

area this was a rocky area with

some challenging small hill climes although it was ent my day that

day ,Troy & Cam ( both 14

years old on XR 350 & 500 my kids) and I had a good time with Bruce &

Gene riding around .

By the way Jeff sorry about calling you Mike all weekend it wont

happen again.

I want to thank everyone who came out for the piglet fest I hope

everyone had fun & made it

home safe. See ya at the next one. ( I think we will be getting

together again over Thanksgiving

Holiday ) plan ahead!!

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