They Found My Bike!!!!!!!

I don't know if any of you recall, but i posted about getting my 01' stollen in Kamloops, BC last year on Nov 11. I didn't have theft insurance so it was a big bummer. Well....... I just got a call from the Kamloops RCMP. They made a major bust and found nearly 200 stolen vehicles. One of which was my bike. I don't know what shape it's in and won't be able to get it for about another 2 months due to evidence procedures. But that is just the shiznit :) Now I have 2 bikes. Oh darn what to do :D :D :D


Very cool Very Very Cool


Let's celebrate!! :)

Awesome news! :)

If there is ANY unclaimed CFR450, YZF450/250, or any 250 2 might be mine (the one I wanted but never got!!) :)

I hope it is good shape when you get it back. Most of us dont have insurance for our dirt bikes and it really irks me to see them stolen! :)

Some of us do have insurance including liability.

What if you run into someone and they sue you.

Do you know a lawyer cost even your not in the wrong?

Dan Dan get insurance. Only cost about $150.00 for

the whole package. :)

I have personal liability insurance. :D Just not theft. :)

That is so cool!! the need to string the thiefs up by the nads and...(Insert your own medeaval punishment here)


I'm happy for you. :)

I only hope it's in good shape.


In Ma. we cant even get insurance unless it's street legal and registered :D

Smoke :)

man that's great. I've read 3 different posts tonight of stolen bikes being returned. Maybe mine will be next.

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