Desert Ride anyone?

I'll be going riding from my Apple Valley Ca. home tomorrow morning. I'm 5 minutes from trails. Need to be street legal.Any of you So Cal guys interested? Can be a desert- mountain combo. Call 760 240 2684


My brother-in-law lives in Apple Valley. I talked with him this weekend (Oct. 6) and would be interested in riding with you. Call him at 760-247-6574.


Wild Bill,

Does he have a name with that #?



His name is Butch Nelson.

Thanks W.B.

By the way, don't you have a bunch of good riding around Chandler?


Not much in the immediate vicinity. I actually live in Casa Grande (between Phoenix and Tucson) and any available off-road riding is 45min.-1hour drive times. M/X tracks are closer but have limited schedules for riding. The best riding I've found is near Flagstaff (the Cinder Dunes) but only spring/summer/fall because of the altitude. When you talk to my brother-in-law, ask him about our Crown King ride. He'll laugh!! Later--

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