Where to get tusk replacement parts ( signal light)

Need something to replace my rear right signal, it came off during my ride today I think and all that's left is the wire :/

Found one but 30 plus shipping

I'm gonna throw out a teaser for you and all the other guys. My company has designed, and is now in the middle of testing, a virtually unbreakable turn signal. We've been testing for a few months now and things are looking real good. We have a few manufacturing issues we are ironing out but once we get them taken care of we're going to start selling. We have a patent pending design which allows the turn signal to flex a minimum of 90 degrees in ANY direction. It has a thick, tough housing and lens, great visibility on the lights with 8 high output LEDS, and a waterproof design.

This idea came from frustration at spending too much money on replacement turn signals on our dual sport motos so me and my engineer buddy sat down with a blank sheet of paper and started designing. We originally had two completely different concepts and developed each of them seperately until it became clear that one was a winner. We've put about 1 year into development and testing and are really excited about getting them out on the market soon.

Stay tuned kiddies!

trailhead :devil:

How much are they? Not going to get the tusk ones as its 25 plus 30 to ship it... There's tons of eBay which look the same, anyone know which ones off eBay are good? Found lots of pairs for under 20 shipped. I could care less what they are , just need it for legal reasons

Found some that look like the tusk ones for 19 $ shipped.

Not sure exactly what you are looking for but check Amazon.com. Found some for $5 -7 shipping.

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