I stripped my bike down today to grease the steering head and the swingarm. In the process I stripped the head on one of the lower fork bolts. Do you think it would hurt to ride (moderately) until the replacement comes in. I hate to have to wait weeks for one stinking bolt!

You should have no problems the 426 has so much power the front wheel is never on the ground anyway. I am just kidding about the no problems. Did the bolt head strip after you loosened it or is it still tight? If it is still tight then I don't see much of a problem riding it but if it broke free then don't do it. What about going to the automotive store and getting a bolt to put in there temp.? Hopefully I have been a little bit of help to ya!

Keep it pinned!


I had to remove it with a screw extractor. So basically I'm missing one of my fork bolts. I would like to try ride tomorrow anyway, even if I just take it easy. Let me know what you think.

Well, one time I rode withthe upper bolts on one side loose once, of course I didn't know, and nothing happened. But something I wouldn't recommend doing

If it were me I would wait for a bolt. The parts store is a good idea though. Your local Napa or other full parts store should have a bolt in stock with the same threads which you can use at least temporairily.

Exactly what bolt are we talking about? A bolt from the lower triple clamp? Axle clamp? If you are contemplating riding without ANY of the triple clamp bolts missing, I would advise against it. There are tremendous torque forces at work on these clamps and if you lose clamping integrity while landing from a jump, you are in serious trouble. A fork leg suddenly coming up through a failed clamp could smack you in the throat or chest. Why chance it?

As an example of what can happen when a rider ignores a mechanical problem, a local CR rider raced with his clutch lever end ball broken off and had a crash. The lever was like a spear and punctured his heart. He died before the paramedics could reach him. The ball end of your levers are designed that way to prevent this tragedy. They are meant to break off in a crash and then the lever(s) should be replaced as soon as possible. Do what it takes to fix a broken bolt and don't risk your life to save a few bucks. Otay?

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Lowes or Home Depot have large selections of standard metric fasteners. The lower triple calmp bolt only torques to 14 lb/ft. They should have one that will work fine.


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Thanks for all the replies. I stopped by a hardware store on the way out to the track. I paid 35 cents for a bolt that my Yamaha dealership is going to charge me $1.75 for!

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