Im thinking about getting the n style or factory effects brand graphics. Any pros or cons? Also N style has 2 kits with orange in them. Has anyone done the orange crush plastic conversion? Has anyone done the yellow plastic kit from aceribis? I was thinking that the N style kit with orange graphics might look pretty cool w/orange plastic. I did a double take when I saw a new CR 125 with yellow plastic at the track last weekend. It looked really cool and got me thinking about a different colored 426. Besides, Ive been falling alot lately and could use some fresh plastic.


I must admit that I know nothing about the orange crush plastic, but it sounds like it would look great. I am going to be in the market for new plastic and graphics this winter as well. One question though, if you're falling a lot lately, why would you want to get new plastic? :)

Just teasing ya. I know lots about plastic abuse, and I always say that I'm going to be nice to the new stuff (LOL).

BTW - are you going to powdercoat the frame? That would be really trick!

Just checked out the orange crush kit. Definitely go with that one, it looks awesome!

I have seen the orange plastics on YZ125's at the track. They look cool, and not saying this is a girl thing, but so far that is what I see, the girls with 125's have the orange plastics.

check out the yellow.

I still think the Yellow Yamaha is the best looking bike ever made!



Do you know the approx. cost of powder coating a frame? That could be an option, as the lower half of my frame is unpainted (I waited to long to make and install frame guards). I too think the yellow yamahas are awesome looking. My riding buddies both have suzuki rm's and they just look great even when dirty. The girly orange could still be an option though, I havent seen one in person yet, but I did see the N style graphics with the orange in them on a 426 and it looked amazing. I hated these same graphics in catalog, but after seeing them in person I was completly won over. Anyway, does anyone have any comments about aftermarket graphics quality? Thanks,


I just received my new Acerbis side panels and N-Style backgrounds last night and couldn't wait to put them together. I haven't put backgrounds on the rounded 426 side panels yet and was wondering how they would fit. I soon found out that they don't fit on there worth $#!^.I couldn't get the background to contour to the curves of the panel. I tried using windex and also used the directions N-Style provided (as much as I hate directions) and neither method worked. If anybody has any ideas of how to apply these or what kind of backgrounds will work the best, I would like to know-backgrounds are too expensive to be ruining

1. Fill your bath tub with hot soapy water. As hot as you can stand it on your hands.

2. Submerge your sidepanel and background in the water.

3. Apply the background to the panel while under water.

4. You should beable to move the background.

This is the only wat I could get mine on.



01 YZ426F #85 Vet C

hey all! i have white plastics on my bike, but my graphics are the BBR motorsports they are black, but it looks nice. i think it would totally awesome if you bought the orange crush kit. kept the frame yamaha blue, then kept the rear fender blue, front fender orange, then got a graphics kits with alot of blue and orange (maybe a little white too) and then wore THOR's orange and blue gear...i dunno, maybe my mom tought me how to color coordinate too good, lol..but also i know that yellow plastic and BBR graphics kit look REALLY good. oh yea. for those #'s...i just sorta lined mine up, stuck em on, and worked with it...and i got a hair drier, and used the little flat peice of plastic that i got with my preprinted numbers...and got em on good... and i dont think you need to worry about applying backgrounds, because black backgrounds are for 125's anyways, the 250's have to run white backgrounds...i think..anyway, just my two cents

The only reason I can think of in getting a white backgound on the number plate even though the plastic is white, is just like a protection. then ll youhave to do is replace the sticker instead of the plastics, That is what my friend does on his bike and I am going to do when i go to the chaparral sale and getthings real cheap


A friend of mine had his frame 'blasted and powdercoated for about $300. The bonus is that you have to strip your bike right down to the frame which allows your bike some serious attention. I was thinking about ripping mine down to the frame this winter.

As for graphics, I have always just used stock until this year. The shop that I ride for had custom graphics made by Zing and they seem to be very high quality (read: I pretty much have desicrated all of the plastic, and the graphics still look pretty decent, way better than the stockers would)

just installed factory probs (yet)

I just got the orange plastic from acerbis in the mail yesterday. My initial impression was that the quality of the plastic is good. I think im going to install the orange stuff with the n style graphics and seat cover this winter. I'll post a pic when its done. Thanks for responding,


lol! I just looked at some of those bikes on the acerbis webpage. They look like crossbreeds of their repsective Japanese-name counterparts

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