99 yz400f carb spewing fuel

Hello iv got a slight probablem with my 99 yz400f. I just cleaned my carb did it by the manual now when i turn my gas on it dumps fuel out of the bottom hose. i played with the float got it down to a drip played a little more its still driping. The bike ran good before this but this isnt my only problem it wont start now i kick and kick with the chok and without i didnt need my chok before i cleaned the carb but now gas starts coming out from my header did a spark test got spark looked a little week so i changed my plug and no starty not even a hope and dream of starting. So i guess my question is what did i screw up and what my next step should be it seems like i tried doing some cleaning and it needed it i found some yucky stuff in there but i made a reliable bike into a shooting target. Anybody got any ideas iv taken this carb of the bike about 5 times now and end resault the same im starting to lose my mind over this. Thank you for reading this and any help would be great

I am having the same problem on a 1987 honda xl 185... my wifes bike... sat for a few years ... no gas in carb but forgot the drain screw on fuel bowl... did your question ever get answered? I think I have the same problem... furthermore my bike wont get fuel to the spark plug... think it just floods and spills...

no i havent figured it out yet checked my timing it was a little off so i thought i hit the jakpot but no go. i did figure out that the bike will start without any exaust on it then i tryed with just the header nope wouldnt start. i checked the pipes and there not cloged. im goin take a few days not think about it and go back at it.

float height is still off or you may need a new float needle. they are cheep so you might as well get a new one and go from there. this new gas will kill rubber carb parts

Let get started do the easy stuff first.

Try the clear tube trick put a clear tube on the bottom of the carb where the fuel drain srcew is at hold the other end straight up trun the fuel on loosen the drain screw on bottom of the carb this should let you know where you'r fuel level is at inside the carb so you know if it to high or low.

Rule of thumb you want the fuel level just above where the carb body and fuel bowl meet if way high you know the the floats are set wrong, Or the float just could be bad and full of fuel them selfs, or the fuel inlet valve seat is drity or worn out.

(If I recall the fuel level is something like 1 or 2 mm above the seem of the carb to fuel bowl but level to the seem line will be closes).

To check to see if the floats are good get a container and use GAS to float them in not water, using water will give you a bad test use gas.

After trying this if things are still not working out for you let us know I have some more tricks up my sleave LOL.

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Hey my carb started to leak gas also today it ended up to be a not seated fully drain screw on the bottom of the float bowl.

I just wanted to say thanks for everyones advice went for a ride yesterday.

I just wanted to say thanks for everyones advice went for a ride yesterday.

So what was it.

i had to mess around with the float a bit more and im not shure why this worked but i unhooked the intake boot started it put my finger over the two air jets and the bike ran great so i got out the duct tape put some over them hooked the boot back up and went for a ride. i know this is a compleat hillbilly fix but it works and untill i get some extra money for a carb off a 450 which i want to try anyways this is keeping me riding iv been out a couple of times like this and no problems its runnin smooth.i generally like to fix things right but sometimes you got to go with what works. and feel free to laugh about this im laughing about it but im having a great time doin it

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