I need 1 spoke HELP

I need 1 front spoke for my 2000 YZ426f just 1 I dont want to buy a complete set anyone out there have 1 for sale or can let me know where I can buy just 1 spoke.

any parts unlimited dealer can get you one spoke through Moose.

I haven't verified it, but I've seen it said that Kawasaki KX/KXF spokes fit and are sold as singles.

For others that need one or just a couple spokes you can buy 1here you go.

Link: http://www.buchananspokes.net/categories/spokes.asp


I know this is an older post but wanted to thank Marv for the link to Buchanan 's. I was looking for some help in replacing a broken spoke on my 98 yz400f and was having an extremely hard time finding a single. Moose actually emailed me back and said the hubs were different from 98 - 99 and they don't make them. None were found on eBay (well one but they said they were out of them). Anyway I called Buchanan's and they were awesome. I'd wager they had a spoke for just about anything you could imagine. Very helpful had the spoke and nipple I needed and are shipping it out ASAP. I am hoping that it will fit but the person i spoke with was dead confident it would. Will update when I get it. Hope this helps someone looking for a single for their 98 yz400F.

... I called Buchanan 's and they were awesome. I'd wager they had a spoke for just about anything you could imagine.



They make their own from blanks.  Cut them to length and roll the threads on.  Done to order.

Yes, Kawasaki spokes are the same length, bend, and thread as the Yamaha spokes. I have bought individual  OEM Kawi spokes when I needed to replace one or two on my Yamaha's in the past, works out great!

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