Trail tech install on 2011 yz450 power wire?

Picking up a 2011 yz450 Monday for hard scrambles and enduros. I want to swap over my trail tech vector from my RMX. I'll need to order a new wheel sensor but the temp sensor will work fine. The RMX has a lighting coil so I spliced into the headlights power so it's not running off the watch battery in the computer the entire time. I know there's no lighting coil on the yz but since it's fuel injection is there any type of 12v system I can tap into for power to the trail tech without hurting anything?

For anyone interested, the red wire on the tuner port is the positive and is roughly 14volts and worked great. I'm also going to be wiring in a fan and toggle switch to run a fan in the single track if needed as well.

Check out Baja Designs. They have a lower harness for this purpose that is plug and play and comes with a handle bar switch for the light. It's about $15.

I just noticed it after wiring mine up! Oh well, maybe I'll have to buy some lights and plate it now too!

Thanks for location on power wire. What do you have yours setup as far as PPR?

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