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Baby E

Who's going to Byron Saturday!?

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I meant to say Redbud.... g dang it. REDBUD!!!!!

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    • By Pacman75
      So I believe the orv tag/sticker states it has to be placed on the back of the bike. I have seen them placed on fork tubes, on the swing arm and on each side of the bike on the # plate. I placed mine on the rear fender last year. After the deer decided to run into me I had to replace the front and rear fender which meant replacing the ORV stickers. I really want to place them on the forks. I just don't want to get a ticket or have to deal with a crabby DNR officer.
    • By TallBoysWRF
      I have a new hatred for people that drive their trucks down snowmobile trails. I was out today on a few sections of trail that are also ORV route, and a pickup had been down them, and with the melting snow/slush, the trail was almost impassable. I went down once in 3rd gear because I got sucked into a rut and then broke through into a puddle that was nearly up to my axles and half slush, and I could not get out of it.
      Any way, the rest of the ride was fun except for the fact that even though I had garbage bags on my feet and up to my knees, I could not keep my feet dry. When every I hit a slush hole my feet soon got a little wetter. It was funny though, because a few times when I hit one of these holes, the force of the shush hitting the bottom of my boot about took my foot off the peg, even though I was standing up.
      I have not gotten a pair of seal skinz socks yet, but does anyone know the proper way to put plastic bags on your feet so that they will keep your feet dry in these conditions and not just temporarily keep your feet dry?
    • By TallBoysWRF
      Hey, does anyone know if I get one of these if I would be set with a snow trail permit or would the DNR require a snowmobile registration?
    • By goods
      Does any body know of any spots to ride in southeast michigan? I usually ride trails up north in the kalkaska area, but i want to find a spot where i can get on the bike for an afternoon without traveling all that way.
      I live around metro detroit, any places within an hour would be great.
    • By ulmanb
      Anyone use these guys for thier suspension yet? Guy at the local honda shop told me about them, they are located in Tawas Michigan.