Removing Headpipe For Oilchange.

I'm tired of removing the exhaust system to change my oil (2000 YZ426). Is there an easier way to do it? Also, will the White Bros. Titanium header solve this problem? What's the difference between the three different headers?

Yes, the White Brothers hi-boy header eliminates the need to loosen the exhaust to get at the oil filter cover. This header is matched at the exhaust port for full flow. I'm using this header along with their carbon fiber silencer. I've found this system to enhance the bottom-end substantially. I've found the best results when used with race fuel and careful jetting.

You dont need to remove the header, just loosen it up and rotate it up enough to get to the filter.


I believe that almost all of the aftermarket headers clear the oil filter. If you like the stock pipe, see if you can find a 2001 header for your bike. There are usually plenty of them at this site or on something like

I have a 2001 426, i have done 1 oil change and had no problem getting to the oil filter without taking off the exhaust pipe, even though the manual said to remove it, i saw no reason too....????

can i put only the 2001 header on my 2000 and leave the stock mufler on?

Thanks for all the responses, I think I'll probably get the White Bros. header. One last thing, will my stock muffler work with the White Bros. header or will I have to get a new muffler too?

The 2001 header has been redesigned to rise above the oil filter, it does not have the problems earlier models had. The 2001 header also fits directly on earlier models.

Yes, the stock silencer will fit on the White Bros. header. Use a new o-ring gasket at the junction while you are at it. I run both high boy and E series.

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