2003 YZ450 Excel wheels and hubs on 2008 YZ450 issues?

So I am going to set up my 2008 YZ450 to do some supermoto racing this summer and today I found a set of Excel wheels and hubs from a local guy who had them mounted up on his 2003 YZ450. Now from what i had read these were going to be a direct fit but when I went to get them I brought my bike with me and we made an attempt to mount them up just to be sure.

Well the rear wheel mounted right up and everything seems 100% plug-n-play but when we got to the front wheel the spacers were to wide. We took a quick measurement and it looks like the width of the the Excel hub with spacers is like 1/2-3/4 inch wider them my stock hub with spacers installed.

So my question here is, does any one know how I should go about making this work on my bike? I did some searching on the web for spacers and had zero luck. I also called KRS Wheels who kept poping up in my searches and they told me that finding Excel spacers is damn near impossible without buying the hub, and they maight not even be making them anymore.

Has anyone had a set made or milled down the old/wider spacers that were on the 03 to fit onto an 08?

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