Correct way to install water pump seals

I've had some slick leakage of coolant coming out the weap hole, and replaced the seal underneath the impellor. Still experiencing some leakage, actually worse. fluid seems to accumulate in the cavity between the pump and the crankcase and drains a tablespoon or more when I move the bike off the kickstand. I've gotta pull the crankcase off to inspect the shaft, but want to insure that I am indeed installing the seals in the proper direction. These seals generally have s spring compressing the lip on one side of the seal. I'm of the impression that this is the side that should be facing the compartment you want to seal???? In other words, it should be facing the impellor in the water pump and the other seal (inner) crankcase side should be facing the side where the oil is located. If that is not the case then it may explain why I've got the leak.


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