What is the best radiator guard?

My BRP tipped over on the lawn (kickstand sunk in the mud)and I was hesitant to look at the radiator on that one side. It was OK but I am looking at radiator guards, braces now.

Which one is best? I have been considering the Works Connection rad. guard and the Devol Engineering rad. guard. The Works Connection does not appear to provide much support against a side impact whereas the Devol guard does not appear to provide much protection to the fins from rocks, etc..

Bottom line...Which one are you guys using and which one works the best overall?

Thanks in advance,


I have the Flatlands Gaurds on my WR and they do provide side support for the radiators. I will have to check and see if they make them for the BRP.


I have another related question: I've seen alot photos of the Devol and Flatland guards with the stock plastic radiator shrouds removed. Can the shrouds be left on the bike when using either of these guards?

From the pictures I have seen it looks like the shrouds can and probably should be left on. The shrouds fit over the guards. There is a picture of a bike that has Devol rad. guards on the Thumpertalk screensaver. The shrouds are on. :)

Flatland Racing does not make gaurds for the BRP and yes the plastic does remain ON but modified.


Works Connection makes a nice set of guards for the BRP that go completely behind the rads, provide additional side protection and you do not have to touch the stock plastic front protectors. All my riding buddies run them and they have never let anyone down. We have them on: XR650R, CRF450R, YZF426, WR400F, KX250, YZ250, YZ125. They are all different, they all fit, they all work! :)

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