07 450

I was taking my bike apart last night to give it a real good cleaning and grease job and when I took the carb off I looked in at the valves I'm knew to four strokes and not real sure how they should look but the middle valve looked clean where as the outside two were covered in buildup and burnt looking I'm not sure if that's normal or I need to give it some attention I would think they should be the same but again I'm new here thanks for any replys in advance

This is normal. The air moving through the intake port carries fuel droplets. When it branches into 3 ports near the valves, some air goes left, some right, but the fuel droplets are relatively heavy and tend to go straight down the middle, so the center intake is exposed to a lot more of those wonderful engine cleaning additives in the gas than the outer two are.

Thanks grayracer I was hopin to hear from u again I'm new to the four strokers and didn't know if this was cause for concern or not but what u said makes since thanks again

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