Are Battery Tenders ok???

Hey there, is it ok to put a battery tender on my wr450 or are they not made to that kind. I don't want to toast my battery. Thanks for the info guys!!! :)

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I've been useing one with no probems at all. I use a " Battery Tender Plus"

Smoke :)

I use YUSA's version and it works fine. WR batteries go dead quick.

I've always used tjhem on my street bikes with very good results. They don't cycle the battery so the battery lasts much longer. Cheap chargers wait till the battery charge dips then starts charging. The battery tender keep sthe charge up.

If you look at the info on the battery you should find that they do recommend a max chariing rate of 650 milliamps. My Battery Tender Plus is rated at 600 milliamps. The voltage output is slightly low for a gel pack battery but not enough to truely make any difference.

In short, the Battery Tender Plus works fine.

Willy Fitz

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