99yz400f idling issues

I have a 99yz400f. I had all the stock jets in the carb. I put a 178 main jet in the carb. and now the bike does not pop near as bad as it did. I have a white brothers eseries pipe.

I changed the spark plug as well. I can not get the thing to idle at all. I have the fuel mixture screw out 2.1/4 turns out. As this is how it was. It runs great just will not idle.

Also, when I was riding over the weekend, I noticed that the radiator fluid was coming out of the over flow. Being I think it got to hott. It only did this when I would stop after riding for a minute or so.

SO I guess my questions are. What could be causing my idle issue. I have tried the idle screw.

And what is causing the overflow of fluid is this normal?

Seriously all I want to do is :smashpc:.. I wish I knew someone who could fix all these issues... I'm thinking a 2011 wr450 would?

Thanks ahead of time for the replys

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