2011 YZ450F maping question

I was reading in a issue of MXA that the YZ40F comes with 2 maps from default. Is this true, and once I plug my power tuner in, will I have the ability to pick the other factory map? I can't find any information about this on Yamahas website or anywhere else.

In the MXA magazine, they said that the 2nd map was the overall best for a good portion of the people. Can anyone give me the particulars about this map and what it is setup to to different than the first map?

unless i missed it, you can only store 1 map in the ecu

That very well could be. I am new to the fuel injection thing on dirt bikes, so I'm learning as I go. It may have been the 2012 model that has the 2 maps in the ECU.

I think you are confusing the KX with the YZ...

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