Exhaust Question - What is it, what is this tip?


I'm going to register my bike on Monday. I've been reading and it seems like the Q4 is probably the best bet for a somewhat quiet exhaust...

But I've been looking at pictures, and don't see what i've got on mine. I assumed it was stock, just because its not fancy at all... Perhaps stock with a different tip?


Is this a stock exhaust?

What are those plates at the end?

What do those plates do?




I don't want to make a huge performance change, as this thing is bad ass right now... But i would like to quiet it down a tad

its a supertrap style exhaust u can add or remove discs to tune sound and power. definatly not stock. maybe DG

...or White Brothers. More disks = more flow = more noise and more power (presumably). Less disks = less flow and less noise...all the folks I know with that style exhaust have long since moved on to quieter pipes for off road to avoid "interaction" with the local Cali rangers, sheriffs, etc.


Let me ask...

I've got the stock cans from my superhawk (Honda vtr1000).. Left was damaged, right is perfect... Is there a reason I shouldn't cut the midpipe, and weld on a pipe to match the exhaust line of the WR and give that a shot? I can weld, so mounting is no issue... And I've got a friend who owned a exhaust shop that can bend some tube to make I work....

I know different exhaust can make me need to re jet... But I'm likely gonna get a newer carb anyway, so I could rejet it then...


Just thought it would look cool and possibly help with sound...

It would possibly do alright with sound although I'm not sure what would happen power wise but the cylinder layout and displacement is similar (One 500cc cylinder feeding it's own muffler.) so I doubt it would hurt.

One thought though, since it won't have an official spark arrestor you may catch some static over where you run it. But then again that Supertrapp doesn't either so if you've been fine then you may still be fine.

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If you do decide to get an aftermarket muffler, I don't think you can go wrong with FMF Q4....it will definitely be quoted then that supertrap.

For all the screwing around you are going to have to do to make the Superhawk muffler fit (not to mention how freaking heavy they are, I had one) you are further ahead to get a Lexx one from Rocky Mountian.

Like was mentioned you have a Supertrapp style pipe (DG or WB most likely) and while they were good in their day, are very outdated performance and sound wise and I personally have found them to be quite heavy compared to anything else.

Do yourself and anyone around you a favor and update to a new style. And FYI, more sound does not equal more power ("bad ass"); you could try removing about 5 or 6 disks to quiet it down a bit as well.


What would the fewest amount of disks I could run be? I would def like to quiet it down, even at a slight power loss

I think I counted like 20 or 21 discs in yours, I'd say 10-12 would flow very well for a 450 and still give a more acceptable sound. Basically, you are running an open pipe right now with that many discs in it.

My old XR650L had a WB pipe on it with 8 or 10 discs when i bought it and was pretty reasonable sounding. I ended up swapping it with a Q2 and was much happier but give about half a shot and see how that sounds and feels.

a freshly packed stock YZ400f/426 silencer is loud but not offensive.

To be cost effective find one on eBay and bolt it on.

Even more cost effective remove the discs you have on that pipe.

No need to recreate the wheel and bend tubes or make a SuperHawk silencer fit.Yamaha is pretty smart.They know just what it takes to get a silencer on their bikes to run right and hang off the rear without falling off or hitting anything. If you look under a stock YZ pipe you see a factory dent

That is there to clear the caliper when the suspension compresses

A Super Hawk can is really going to have to be altered to work right. And you wont gain anything but another 10 pounds

If you need to quite your bike to get through registration,do it with the pipe you have with minimal discs. Then install a YZ pipe and keep off the throttle going through residential areas and by police

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