2011 radiator nightmares ....help please

Okay so the right side has to be replaced , oem is a ripoff, so someone suggested fluidynes the price is rite :smirk: But , will the fit be good and most important is there a good guard or brace that fits the fluidynes ?

What the point of a new rad if there's no good braces/guards to protect em ...... Has anyone put fluidynes on their 2011 450 ? And which rad guards should I get to fit with?


if you put aft-mkt rads on your bike the braces wont fit. I have repaired mine many times by mylers radiator, just do a google search and you will find them. its $35 to straigten and they always have to weld something so they charge you $50 but it worth it, they come out just fine. Once i put on the gytr braces on mine i have dropped the bike many times and they dont bend or move.

well that sucks because I'm getting ready to replace my twisted oems with Fluidyne tomorrow and WC braces......i'll make them fit I guess

although i'm not sure the brace will clear my tstat anyway

malcom stewart's radiator sponsor mishimoto looks to have some pretty gnarly radiators, may want to look into them

It will take one hell of a wreck to bend/dent the fluidines. They are made properly, and without any bracing they are way stronger than stock radiators with braces. I have had Fluidine and PWR rad's, both are built to last, and yes, I have tested their strength the hard way.

Why not consider Mylers rads? They make stronger ones that don't even require guards. Not sure if they have ones for the 11 model, but worth checking out. I also believe they are much cheaper then the other choices.

well I guess I forgot to order the braces, thought they were in the box but they're not. Getting ready to install rads anyway. I don't see why the braces wont fit they have all the same holes as oem.

Just got my WC braces. I see no reason for them not to fit....if I have time later today I will install them.

Ok, here's the deal- The stock rads are junk and I mangled both of mine pretty quickly in some minor tip-overs. I got a set of Fluidynes and put the WC braces on, which bolt right on perfectly. The Fluidynes are very well made and much beefier than stock, BUT... they are still radiators. I have since bent both, including the braces, in some decent but not horrific crashes. If you try to straighten them and the braces, it can turn into a nightmare of getting things to line up. It's the design of the bike and the way they stick out so much they take the brunt of all impacts. My fix is to finish the season as-is, send them both out to be repaired, and start over with new, straight braces. Perhaps there are better braces than WC? What happens with them is, while they do prevent the rads. from crushing, the rads still bend toward the front of the bike in a crash, including the braces.

try unibiker rad braces/cages.i have 50 off road hours on mine have gone done in some super rocky stuff many time and my radiators are fine.these things and bad ass and you can reach the choke through them.they are only about 100 bucks.best design ever just look at them and you'll see unibiker rocks

The question would be do they make them for new model? Haven't seen cages and I looked but I don't think I looked for that particular brand

scorpionracing.ca is where you will find the best radiator guards/frames for the 2011 450. Best ones built on the market!!!

From experience, WK braces don't need much of a hit on a 2010 yz450f before they look like tin foil.

Just some new info from a week of thrashing and bashing my bike. I put fluidyne rads and WC braces on and over the entire last week bashed them in on many hill climbs and varous stupid things and there isn't so much as a curve in anything

I just looked at the link to the scorpion braces and those look awesome! I have a set of the WC ones on my '11 and they folded like tinfoil in a minor tip over but those scorpion braces look like they would be MUCH more durable and much heavier too though.

Not a fan of the WC braces. They didn't hold up to the task. I recently purchased the Unabikers and am happy with them so far.

Guys, if you have put on the bigger Fluidyne/Chinese/Supercoolers/whatever bigger radiators, be certain the aftermarket guards will work with them.

On my '06 (and I realize we're discussing new bikes here; but some of this is applicable....), I put a set of the bigger, Chinese made radiators on. None of the aftermarket places that I called (Unibiker, Flatland, & Devol Racing) would say that their guards would work with the bigger radiators. Flatland & Unibiker both said " Most likely they won't work with the bigger radiators.", while the lady at Devol flatly stated theirs wouldn't "No how, no way!".

While I think the Devol guards are pretty marginal as guards, at least for my '06, they also looked to be the easiest to adapt. :smashpc: So, I bought a set & adapted them. Took maybe a half an hours worth of filing, for both guards, and they now fit over my big radiators.



This is where I had to file on the top gusset of the guard, for the guard to clear the larger rad:


This shows where I had to file on the mounts to make the things fit:


Hope this might help some,


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spelling corrections....

Mishimoto doesn't make radiators for the '10+ yz450 yet according to their site.

The 120.00 chinese rads also work great, much heavier than the oem's and about 30% more cooling. I have never overheated since changing to these.

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