Clutch Noises

I have a 99yz400 and now when i pull the clutch lever in the engine makes a weird clunking noise. This noise only happens when i pull in the clutch though. Does anyone know what this problem could be?

These clutches aren't very complicated. Pulling in the lever pushes the pressure plate away from the other plates and releases the tension between the plates. That clunking noise could be play at the basket or hub as it/they flop around on the shaft. When you take the cover off, grasp the pressure plate and try to wiggle it. It it's snug, remove it and then try the hub...then the basket. You should be able to locate the source of the noise. If you get as far as the basket, make sure you replace the plates exactly as they came out......and inspect them while you are at it. This might be a good time to consider installing some new...or even....upgraded parts.

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