YZ450F knocking noise - video provided

Hey guys,

I've read alot about the YZ450F and the knocking noises which are to be expected from the cylinder head...

I took a video of my 08 YZ450F:

You will hear me pull the clutch in and out and the knocking noise lowering when I pull it in (to be expected). Does this sound like your YZ450F? (ie. do I have a problem here?)

I let the clutch out at 6 seconds, pull it back in at ~8 seconds, let it go at ~12 seconds, let it out at ~15 seconds, up the revs at ~17 seconds.


I don't think there is anything there to worry about. Thumpers do tend to sound louder on the stand while not wearing a helmet.

thanks for the reply, can you hear the knocking sound im talking about though? Otherwise I'll take another video with the seat off maybe..

I just bought a 2006 YZ450F this past Saturday after riding a CRF450X for almost 2 years. After getting it up to temp. and then coming to a stop I found it seems to have a knocking noise just exactly like that featured in your video. Previous owner says all he's done to it is replace the timing chain as a precaution. He told me the noise is normal and if I had s problem he'd take care of it. Sounds like it's coming from the top end with a stethoscope. I'm at a loss but would be very interested in any opinions from anybody with experience with Yamaha four strokes. Thanks.

My 09 sounded the exact same the day I got it from the dealer, and it still does many hours later. If you are worried which I believe you shouldnt be, check the valves and timing.

If youre gonna be worried about the ticking, knocking, and rattling noises 4 strokes make, maybe you should buy a 2 stroke....LoL Every large bore 4T ive ever heard or ridden makes these noises. Its just how they are.

Yamaha's are especially noted for doing this, even with their street bikes. My 450f has a pretty loud knock to it..

I have the same problem with my YZ450F i just had to get use to it.

Sounds exactly like my 09 with less than 12 hours on it. Had a Honda 450 that sounded like that too. My clutch puliing in and releasing also changes sound also. Your bike is completely normal.

thanks heaps for the replies guys!

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