Compression Release Mounting Position???

Ferry and Fonseca have their CR lever under the clutch lever. Other than possibly hitting your knee/thigh on it, any other reasons it shouldn't be positioned under the clutch lever.

<font color="navy">When your front wheel is in the air as much as the 426 and the decompression lever is underneath, its right in line to be hit by anything coming your way. So leave it on top; out of the way. :D

Also, people have asked why MY handgaurds are tilted so low, I tell them the same thing. "Because my front wheel is off the ground so much, they do no good being any higher!" :)

Just my 2cents.</FONT>



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I don't see any reason.

Just make sure that the cmprsn rls is on the inside of the clutch lever.

When I bought my bike (only 2wks old) the guy had crashed and replaced the bars.

When I went to try it out it would run just fine settin there but when I tried to take off to the right the thing would stall until i revved it to the moon.

I bought it and went racing 2wks later and got stuck on a hill. Kept trying to keep it running and go up to the RIGHT.kept stalling.

I fought this for 75mi and about 35 mi into it i figured i had a short in the electrical cuz every right turn at slow speeds the bugger died on me.

Got it home and took the # plate off and started it up moving the bars to the right to see if I could see anything obvious.

The very first thing I saw was that the Comprsn cable was routed wrong and was too short. It kept pulling the cable from the motor and releasing the compression.

The DUMMY had mounted the rls on the outside of the clutch and it was too short!

Oh well he said he needed the $$$$ for a new house maybe that was true but I think he was more scared that he got a DUD and didn't want to deal with it!

I guess movin the lever was worth walkin out the door for $5200 was probly worth it.

Had mine on the bottom the whole time I owned the bike, never a problem. It is easier to grab down there also.


Pretend it's flat and give it the gas.

i have mine on the bottom, my knee never hits it...i dunno whos knee would fly up to their handlebar high enough to nail it, unless they are doin cliff hangers..BUT do what ya want, never had a problem with it down there , or on top, both are good..have it your way, these bikes rip just as well.


I have a really nice scar on the back of my hand from the stock postion.


the reason it's underneath is so that you can grab a big handful of both levers & kick!



I set mine up to be thumb operated. Helps me start in gear.

Originally posted by Taffy:

the reason it's underneath is so that you can grab a big handful of both levers & kick!



Same here for the same reason.



99'YZ-400 (Mine)

00' TT-R 125 (Hers)

91' KX-125 (Son #1)

93' CR-80 (Just sold it. Looking for another TTR125 for Son #2)

99' PW-80 (Son #3)

I mounted the CR lever underneath inside the clutch and rode today with no problems. Like the feel better in this position better than on top.

Originally posted by Paul in AZ:

I Like the feel better in this position better than on top.

Hmmmmm most chicks I know, Like it on top!!

Hey Paul it was fun dicing with ya today, you've picked it up a bit and If I wasn't mistaken I thought I saw you styling over a couple jumps!! :D

Did you catch my "wave-by's" my buds and I have been doing that for yrs! :)


I had mine under until I slid out and broke the lever off. This was no fun having a 426 in the middle of the desert with no compression release.

It's now on top and will stay there. I do have it inside the clutch and pushed down as close as possible to the clutch perch. It's easy to grab but out of the way of my hand in case of an endo!

Mine is still on top but moved inward as far as possible, dont want another scar, damn that thing hurt, I thought I broke my hand.


I used to run the CR lever under the clutch lever, but switched back to top.

The reason I did not like it underneath is that it is VERY difficult to feather both levers if you stall the bike and want to pop-start it while still rolling. Positioning the CR lever on top makes this manouver really easy.

Hey G, dicing at Speedworld was fun yesterday. I saw you sandbagging on the tables to let me stick with you - don't like those hard landings on those big tables. Caught your wave by's on a few of the turns. I was giving it H#%% to stay close to you, definitely noticed the horsepower difference between your 426F and my 250F at the base of the big step up after the left hander heading away from the grandstand. I had to carry a lot of speed through the turn to clear the step, while you just line up to the hill and blasted off - that's not gonna happen on my 250F. Had to do a little bit of styling on a few of the jumps - too much fun. :) I tried the SX track a little and was actually doing some of the "official" doubles. Then I saw a guy bite it and decided to go back to the MX track while I was still in one piece. :D

Yea the 426 definately can launch you over a jump it's the slowing down for the tight turn after, where it get's interesting. :)

The lil 250 looks sweet in those situations.

btw my fellow Zonies, the track changes at SpeedWorld are great! Challenging but fun.


In regards to bump starting the 426 my mechanic discourages this practice because it can damage the valves and having the cr mounted below may allow it to be hit while riding. In addition I had mine mounted for my first race and crashed. My cr and clutch levers were smashed together and I could not operate the clutch without pulling the cr, I fininshed but it was ugly. So needless to say mine is mounted on top and will stay there. Just my to cents.

Originally posted by fireman:

In regards to bump starting the 426 my mechanic discourages this practice because it can damage the valves...

Not true for the YZF, but that doesn’t necessarily make him a bad mechanic (just a misinformed one in this case).

I agree about the hanging CR lever, you could hit it with your knee in a tight left turn, stall the bike, and become traction for whoever is behind you.

If you spend compulsively on parts like I do then by all means get the ninety dollar GYT-R thumb operated CR thingy. I got one to make it easier to start in gear, and it is, but quick bump starts after stalls (the bane of the blue thumper) is where it really shines. Quickly dragging your thumb over the lever is enough to let the motor spin, and your thumb is off the lever instantly so the bike can fire on the next stroke. Possible with the stock lever but more difficult.

What the hey, here is a small picture of one, here is a link to the price, description & PN on

And its only eighty bucks.

G Man,

How do I get to SpeedWorld from Las Vegas?

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