CR450F in Vegas!!!

As reported in Cycle News, Heath Voss will be racing the new Honda thumper in the final round of SX Saturday! I'd love to see a 426/450 battle!!

It won't be a battle, Voss is going to get stomped on - HARD! Ferry will beat his ass, Voss is currently 12th in points (I think), he'll be happy with a top 10 finish, if he makes the main on the new bike.

Will be funny (from a YZF owners perspective) if he doesn't on the new wonder bike.

I agree with Husker!! I don't think that it's going to be the bike that makes him fast. It's going to be the rider and Ferry is a better rider then Voss.



When in doubt, GAS IT!

What are you, YELLOW?

The way Ferry was riding last wk there is absolutely NO way the red will be in matter how good the bike is!

Ferry was on fire

If he hadn't stumbled twice in the whoops........(once when the kid passed him and another when he was tracking him down at nearly .7 sec/lap) He may have Beaten the Kawasaki Kid.

He was puttin up the fastest laps by far.

There was no one faster on the track regaurdless of the Brand !

We 'll see though

should be pretty gratifying though!




That's not thunder ridin' your BUTT .........

It's a whole Damn HURRICANE!!!!!!

HA HA why did Honda contract Heath Voss to ride it? i mean he is the top privateer. but c'mon now, hes a privateer for a reason...undoubtedly fast, but not RC MC or Ferry...i personally think they should haave gotten Rhyno to come on out...either that or keep their snake in their pants, and wait for glen helen. Just a side note...WHAT THE HECK?! does anyone else realize honda just realesed their 2002 models about 6 months too dang early? i woulda waited till about a month before they hit the showroom floors. just my 2 cents.


Honda should have put either Ezra Lusk or Tortelli on that beast for this race. Neither of them have anything to lose.....

You know, I was wondering something, Perhaps you all can shed some light for me? Is'nt there a rule in the AMA books that the bikes being raced must be production models? Maybe they released it early to qualify? what do you think?? Is the red bike considered a production model already??

Amador, I think they get a 1 year 4 stroke development exception, remember Doug Henry had the same thing going.

Does Honda hope for a repeat of Doug Henrys awesome 4 stroke Vegas SX win? Sorry Honda, Heath Voss is a good rider but he is not Doug Henry.

I miss seeing Doug Henry. He was always smiling, well spoken, and gracious to everyone, in spite of his incredible talent and hideous injuries. (Fortunately Pastrana is kind of that way too, put him on a thumper).

I was at last weeks supercross live to see Tim Ferry rock. He is fast but he has never won supercross ever I think they said that his second place finish was his first or second podium finish ever. MC should have won that race but around the ninth or tenth lap it looked like he just gave up and everyone one passed him. Personnally I don't think voss will do that bad in vegas I doubt if honda just grabbed him a week ago and said why don't you ride this bike next week. I sure he has got alot of hours on it and thats part of the reason he's not as fast on a two smoke , he practices on a four.

just my opinion. I excited to se some competition for yamaha maybe now it will make it a little easier to get warranty work done with yamaha know we could just go ride red instead.

I have to agree with everyone here. Voss won't even be close to Ferry. Ferry rocked last weekend and that's a huge confidence booster for him. He just may beat MC in Vegas and it couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Look for Ferry to do some roosting at the Glen Helen opener. I'll be trackside for that one, making the trip from the East Coast. I've been to many national tracks, but GH is awesome.

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