CR450f on Honda site!!

I thought it was difficult to change the plug on my 426...until I looked at the photos of the new Hondog!!!!!!!! :)


Did you see where Honda is claiming 55 BHP @ 11,200 RPM?!!!! There is no way!

The SOHC design is pretty cool though.


Mr. Wizard says: "Go BIG, or go home!"

Hey Husker, I was not declaring anything, other than Yamaha needs to lose 10-15 pounds on the YZ450F to continue to compete well in the marketplace with Honda and KTM. In this new four stroke tech-war, you either one-up, keep up, or shut up. I am sure Honda will either one-up or keep up with the Yamaha, both in sales and on the track. Soon we will have the answers to both questions. Even after seeing Hughes race the CRF, and blow away the field, I am not convinced it is a superior machine. I think if Ferry and Dowd were there, the outcome may have been different. In the second moto, Dubach and Hughes were side by side in the first turn, after the long start straight drag race. I don't know what mods Dubach's motor may have, but I overheard a Honda mechanic say that Hughes' bike had slightly higher compression than stock and a ported head. I doubt that the stock CRF will be faster than the stock YZF.

The Nationals should be very interesting this year. While RC may romp again, it's tough to predict whether Ferry or Hughes will be "first four stroke" in the end.

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I just rode a 01 CR 250 and it still feel like previous "aluminium wonder" from Honda: it vibrate like hell.

How smooth the CRF will be?

And about the 55hp at the rear wheel, I'm selling my 2001 426, ported head, oversizes valves and all, 53+ hp at the rear wheel, I had it done for ice racing, on a MX track it's a lot of fun on long start straight and horsepower tracks but I'll keep my 250F, I'm going so much faster at the end of a moto on that little bike...


ill wait for a while i think,,,

all we know about this honda so far is wot honda and its paid ridders have told us.As i recall didnt honda claim over 60bhp from there new xr650 not to mention there wieght claims,,

ill wait to hear a good objective review of the bike from a magazine that isnt to fearfull of loosing advertising revenue by saying a few bad thing about a bike,,


"when the dust storm comes they say the devil rides in"

If anyone is interested in purchasing one of the 2002 CRFs, I should let you know that I went to place a deposit on a bike back in January and went to four different shops before finding one that had a bike available (I'm in the CA Bay Area). One of the shops I stopped at already had a waiting list of 15 people. Most regular sized dealers will get from 6-10 CRFs in October and that is it.

So, if you are looking at getting an '02, then you better look now.

For note, I cancelled my order last month since I decided to wait for more info (and to wait for a used bike like I always do to save cash). I put a deposit on the bike just because I know Honda will not put out a poor four-stroke. Since looking at the results of Cannondale, Suzuki, and KTM, I still worried that this bike may have the same soft character.

I ride a '98 yzf right now and am looking to purchase a new bike by years end. A friend just picked up the '01 YZF and I loved the power compared with the 400. Now it's just a matter of making an educated decision.

"and with my 426 only being a year old hehehehe I wouldn't want to be the second owner, and I really take good care of the bike."

what's that suppose to mean?

A lady in Red is always trouble. Stay away from the DARK SIDE!!!!! :)



99'YZ-400 (Mine)

00' TT-R 125 (Hers)

91' KX-125 (Son #1)

93' CR-80 (Just sold it. Looking for another TTR125 for Son #2)

99' PW-80 (Son #3)

The bike's appearance on the 4-stroke scene is great for everyone. The KTM 520 is a good bike but I consider it more toward the 'fringe' side of the MX genre - not as far as TM but in that direction. The Honda will only make Yamaha work harder to produce a competitive machine and not lose market share. You can be that the 'midnight petroleum' has been burning for months in the Yammie design studios.

As far as horsepower, the figure listed for the Honda is crankshaft horsepower and the comparable figure for the 426 is 57 hp (see your certificate of origin). The YZ450F is going to be a bear and probably put out ~50 hp at the rear wheel. Along with a 5-10 lb weight loss this will move the bike into the 500 2-stroke region with all the corresponding demands on the rider. Only the wide powerband and lack of a hit will make it easier to ride than the open class monsters of old.

I think Honda sells too many bikes and controls too much of the motorcycle world already. They'll by RC for ~$2M/year with their bottomless pockets and pretend it was the quality of their products that attracted him to Honda. I'll stick with Yamaha and I'm rooting for Cannondale.

I'm # 7 on the list at the shop I went to and I bet the list is muchhhhhh longer now. As far as waiting ? waiting for what,,,,, the motorcycle industry moves so fast you'll never get a bike 100% problem free even second & third year models make changes and have there share of problems. Just look at the 400-426 & now 450 in just a few short years. Honda knows all eyes will be on their first bike, so I bet that things been checked double check and so on, do you really think they just threw this thing together last year? just like the Yam 400 this things been in the works for along time.I'm also not big on buying a used bike to save money, seems by the third year even with good maintaince things start to cost, and with my 426 only being a year old hehehehe I wouldn't want to be the second owner, and I really take good care of the bike.


Well said blbainb.

I agree. When MC dumped those jerks for strongarming him, he had me as a fan for life. MC went on winning in blue, and Honda flapped around like a beached fish. Besides, riding Hondas turns you gay, look in the latest issue of TWMX for proof.

I am also rooting for Cannondale. But they have to lighten that thing up some more before I could buy.

Our Honda rep just informed me that they signed Carmichael on to ride for them. My first question to him was for how much... All he would say was that it was in excess of 5 Million. Don't know how true this is. Cycle news doesn't have any news of this yet, or any of the other affiliates that we have. If they don't get someone of his caliber to ride the CRF, it will never win a race. Nobody will beat him outdoors. Was also told that they released this info at the Las Vegas SX. Has anyone out west heard anything of the sort?


Mr. Wizard says: "Go BIG, or go home!"

Glen Helen last weekend sure will make a lot of you "RED Guys" shut up! Go ahead sell your trusty 426's!!!!!!

Even with Hondog buying the number 1 plate by signing Carmichael for the next 3 years at $6 million, I still think the right guy for the CR450F would be LaRocco.


I hear ya yzernie. Larocco is the man. I don't think its been said if Carmichael will ride the new RED</FONT> four stroke, but I could be wrong.



GA Man,

Oh the contrary..... I was there watching the 450 pull both moto holeshots and was one of only three bikes able to clear a very hard step up double. I applaude Hughes for riding it to 5th in the first moto. We all know Ferry was the faster guy out there, but we are talking about the bikes ya know....BTW, the 450 pulled the holeshot in the first moto of Hangtown too. What's with that? I'm REDy for the 450...........


It doesn't matter what you buy, the manufacturers up the ante with every model year. The CR450 will definitely be a sweet ride. Will it be better than the YZ? Maybe - maybe not! Will it put the YZ to shame - I don't think so. One thing for sure - it will make Yamaha and KTM work harder to build an even better bike. That's great - we all benefit.

As far as I am concerned, with the exception of one RM, I've ridden blue since 85'. That's a long time and a lot of bikes - both off road and street bikes. There's been some great bikes and some not so great bikes. (Anybody here remember the pink Yamaha days - those were sad) Whatever - I bleed Yamaha Blue.

just wondering what you guys think about suzuki and kawasaki now? will they ever unleash a thumper? also, with this being the first year of honda's production there are bound to be some flaws. BIG ONES? well, everyone at yamaha is hoping so. but probably not. i can assure you that i am not going to rush out to buy one. history tells me to hold off until year 2 of production. most flaws will be out by then and we can see how they perform.

one more thing, i heard RC was going to Honda next year in supercross. anyone heard anything? don't you guys think i twould be great to see him saddle up this new beast?

my personal opinion is that yamaha will still be ahead with their 4+ years of experience with this thumper thing.

i ride the hell out of my 250F and if honda comes out with one i would love to ride it. just see how it feels.

If Suzuki and Kawasaki plan on being competitive, they better unleash a moto worthy 4-stroke. I am very surprised they haven't. Granted, Yamaha caught everybody totally off guard but they've had enough time to check things out. With Honda joining the battle, that will put even more pressure on them. Hey, they certainly aren't going to beat them - might as well join them.

As far as RC is concerned, he'll go to the highest bidder. That's usually Honda cause they have the deepest pockets. I wouldn't worry about him on the CR450 though. Now if LoRocco was to ride it - watch out. #5 is brutal - that boy spanks on a 500. The CR450 is right up his alley.

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