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YZ Head Damaged

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Hi Guys, so i had my head sent out to get ported, etc. I put it all back together made sure i oiled up the cams to keep them lubricated and the bike started but idled real high and popped on accel and decel. Couldnt start this thing for the life of me, so i brought it to the yamaha dealership and here is what happened. First off, it wouldnt start because i snapped the ring on the piston, when they were checking the valves they saw that one of the valve caps wouldnt pull off from under the Intake cam. Then they saw that where the cam fits on the head, that part or edge of the head was actually curled over, thats why the cap wont come off. Secondly, the cam has scratches on it where it meets the head, so we know something got screwed on that head groove.

Yamaha wants $1600 to fix it, not including labor. But thats for a new head and cam, valves, etc. Not the porting work i just had done.

What are your thoughts? Is there a place you recommend that i can have my head shipped to to fix, or would you guy declare this head shot?

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