How do you wear your gear?

So I'm interested in peoples gear setups and in what order they put things on.

I just bought the Fox titan armor and was thinking of layering like this: wicking t-shirt, armor, jersey, roost guard.

Is the outside roost guard overkill? The armor offers pretty good chest protection but the zipper down the middle is unprotected. There's lots of small rocks in the area that can make for some super nasty roost.

i just wear my hockey chest protector, jersey then neck brace.

singlet chest protector then jersey.

I wear a moisture wicking compression shirt and then my compression armor. No jersey and definitely no roost deflector (who does that?) on top. It is way too hot here for anything else IMO.

long sleeve under amour compression shirt, thor impact rig, jersey. below is compression shorts, knee/shin pads, and pants. ready to ride :thumbsup:

You don't really need a roost guard with that armor, it's designed to deflect roost in which it's secondary purpose is to absorb small impacts.

You'll find that wearing a roost guard on top will just slow you down IMO.

I wear nothing under my thor armor, never had any chafing, rubbing or rash issues with the fabric, and trust me it's hot enough just by itself. I put a jersey on to protect the armor from clinging mud. I wear thor force knee braces in which they really irritate the skin behind my knee, so I put on thin cotton stretchable knee supports first.

Under Armour shirt, EVS Revo lite roost deflector, No Fear jersey, and A-Stars Bionic SB Neck Brace.

Lower half is A-Stars socks, Easton Cup/Sliding shorts (serving double duty for riding and baseball:smirk:) EVS Glider Knee Pads, And my No Fear pants.

wow, I just wear some running tights under my shift pants, a shift jersey with nothing over or under it, never had a problem, but I dont ride anything but track either

Thanks for the feedback everyone. The Titan fits me very well, I tried on a bunch of different ones and it was the only one that didn't feel bulky and awkward. Still though it seems like it might chaffe in a few places so I'll have to experiment with an undershirt. As for the outside roost I've seen some guys run both at the same time around here, but it does seem like overkill to me. I'm going for a ride at the end of the week and I'll experiment wirth my setup then.

Sleeveless cotton undershirt, chest protector, jersey

If it's cold, I put the chest protector on the outside. If it's warm, I put it on the inside.

If it's really cold, screw the chest protector. I put on a waterproof military BDU jacket.

when its cold out long sleeve under armor, if not, tank top, the kidney belt, thor impact rig se, jersey or sweater, depends on the weather. I'm not big enough around the waist for the kidney belt on the armor to offer much support so i took it off and wear a separate one

Does anyone wear a neckbrace while racing a harescramble?

wait... The roost guard doesnt go over your jersey?

Tee shirt with chest protector over it(if cold tee,jersey,chest protector)

TLD gp monaco pants, shift socks, and trusty tech 8's:thumbsup:

I wear a muscle shirt under my 661 pressure suit. Its too damn small in the arms to wear anything sleeved under it. If its chilly, I'll wear a jersey over it. Who do they make these things for, guys w/ 12yr old girl arms?

wait... The roost guard doesnt go over your jersey?

I know a lot of people that wear their RG's under the jersey, mine is made to do that, but if you buy your jersey big enough then you also can do the same. My kids all wear their RG's on the outside of their jerseys, just preference

wait... The roost guard doesnt go over your jersey?

Generally, A roost guard (The foam ones) goes under the jersey and a chest protector (The hard plastic ones) goes over the jersey.

Ankle socks, tights like runners wear in the cold, knee braces, pants, boots, leatt straps under jersey, jersey, neck brace, helmet, goggles, gloves. :thumbsup:

only where my jersey, i cant stand all that extra stuff hungging my body while i ride

T-shirt(jersey chafes the nips,)then jersey, then chest protector. If its cold out I'll wear a sweat shirt underneath the jersey. For the bottom end: undies, socks, knee guards underneath my riding pants finished up by my boots. If it is cold or wet weather, I'll wear my over-the-boot enduro pants.

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