My 2 09 yz's suspensions feel nothing like each other

I own two 09 yz's and my son in laws bike feels super plush on everything and my bike feels like it has no suspension on slow small bumps drop offs etc. Mainly the rear shock. If I hit stuff fast and hard it feels fine. My bike feels overall stiffer. My biggest complaint is slow smaller stuff though.

We rode today and switched bikes. Son in law has the same feeling on my bike. I have tried everything from softening up clickers to making them harder.

Changed rebounds from harder to softer. I am beginning to think something is wrong with the shock.

Both bikes were set to proper sag on each and are basically the same but feel worlds apart. Any help would be great!

You also tried backing off the high speed compression, I imagine? Plushness often works out to the ability to allow low amplitude, high speed movement of the shock rod with a minimum of resistance and energy transfer to the chassis.

The intriguing thing with Yamaha and KYB is that the fact that you have two otherwise identical bikes doesn't necessarily mean that the suspension units, be they front or rear, are necessarily the same. Your issue, assuming you haven't overlooked the HS adjuster, could be a simple difference in the way the valves are stacked. The problem is that the only way to find that out is probably going to be to take both units apart completely and look for differences. A lot of work. You can also pull it down, lay it out, and see what the guys in the suspension forum have to say about it. Working with the compression stack and/or the exchange assembly is probably where you'll end up.

Or, it could be something amiss inside, as you said. Something like a damaged piston band or a tight shaft bushing. See if the harsh bike's rear suspension seems more willing to "stick" up or down when raised or compressed slightly. Naturally. you'd also want to check the linkage for binding.

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