2005 wr450 BUY?

Going to look at one a bit later on tonight? any opinion on this model year? particulars to look for? If you were me? He wants $2800 says one owner very low hours.

very good bike, you wont be disapointed at all, unless you want an aluminum frame:bonk: if its in really good shape and looks to be well maintained, $2800 isn't too bad. Check the oil and look at how clean he kept the airfilter. says a lot for a person. that reminds me I need to clean my airfilter tonight.:thumbsup:

The standard clock will only show distance travelled. Total hours is not on the display.

Start it cold. And then try starting it hot. Pop the seat to look at the air filter.

Some prefer the non-aluminum frame.

non alum frame makes workin on the bike a whole lot easier. Love it! my kid was talkin crap untill he had to pull the carb out of his crf240r alum frame!

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